An organic lawn care post card review.

When ever we create our own lawn care marketing material, we tend to think it is a fantastic design that needs no altering. But before you get anything printed you really should ask others what they think of the design. In this organic lawn care postcard review, from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we get to see a few designs and some feedback from others in the industry that had quite a bit of good advice.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I just finished with an organic lawn care post card that I want to send out this spring and am looking for some reviews on it. The reason I want reviews is because I figure it is better to find mistakes now with different eyes than to mass print them and have no chance at all to fix it once they are delivered. I appreciate the input.”

Organic Lawn Care Post Card

Organic Lawn Care Post Card

A second lawn care business owner said “the entire organic lawn care postcard design hurts my eyes a little. It’s the colors. Maybe it won’t be so harsh on paper though.

Aside from that, here are my thoughts…

Your text/images are way way too close to the edges. It’s a common mistake that shouts ‘amateur.’ An ad should always have ‘breathing room’ all around, unless an image is deliberately meant to run off the edge. Yes, that usually means you have to make something ’smaller’, but trust me, it will look better in the end.

There should be a space after your area code (832). Either that, or just do 832-555-2398.

Are those images showing ‘bad’ in front, and ‘good’ in back? If so, reverse it. You want to show them how GOOD the lawn will look after being treated. Before/after pics generally show the ‘before’ image much smaller than the ‘after’ for this reason.

Organic Lawn Care Postcard 2

Organic Lawn Care Postcard 2

I am also not wild about the copy ‘Turn your lawn from a yellowish dead look…’ That doesn’t sound ‘right’ to me. I know what you mean, but I think it could be worded better.

‘All safe for your family and pets.’ Drop the word ‘All’ - You didn’t list several products, so I think ‘Safe for your family and pets’ would be appropriate.

Lose the “!!” at the beginning of the last line and either use just one ‘!’ or three (!!!) at the end - two always looks ‘wrong’ to me.

Get rid of the facebook icon etc. this is print and they can’t click on the postcard. Change your font color to have more contrast with the back ground. Yellow or white. It is very hard to read. You don’t want the image to be the message.

Organic Lawn Care Post Card Review.

Organic Lawn Care Post Card Review.

It’s just too busy. Focus on the Organic Lawn Care part not the company name. That is the message you are trying to convey. If they like the message they will find your name and number even printed smaller.

Don’t focus on your company, focus on what the customer gets. A ‘business name’ is not a ‘headline.’ Over the years, I can’t tell you how many lawn care ads I have seen set up like that - Ad FAIL! Business names don’t grab the readers attention. You need an attention grabbing headline at the top.

Some people are convinced that their name is MOST important (it isn’t), and that the more CRAP you jam into an ad, the more you are getting for your money. You aren’t - you’re just getting a crap-filled as that nobody will stop to look at.

A few things that come to mind. (in no particular order)

  • Your name should be down where it says “Starting at just $50…”
  • “Starting at just $50…” is something I MAY consider making smaller, but it depends on what you want the focus to be on - the price, or the product/service.
  • There should always be one “main point” that is the focus of an ad. You can certainly point out other things, but only one should be “the focus”. Too many people want the “focus” to be “this”, and “this”, and “this”, AND “this”… OH, and “THIS TOO!”. No, Pick one, and your ad will be better for it.
  • Speaking of the “product”… those three photos are essentially the same. I’d drop at least one of them. They are competing for space, and none of them “stand out”. It often makes for a better presentation to have one large image and another smaller image.

The one that is furthest back may make a good background image for the entire card, and then place one of the other two much like you have them now.

As it stands, there is no ‘one’ portion of the ad that ’stands out.’ Something needs to be the focus. Perhaps ‘Organic Lawn Care?’ If so, just make it bigger, bolder, and add an exclamation point! Get EXCITED! This is ORGANIC Lawn Care, BABY!

I suggest a ‘nice’ shot of green grass for the background instead. The before/after shots get the point across well enough. You don’t want ‘crappy’ grass to be the focal point. Plus it looks like that is a low resolution image - it doesn’t look clear. I can’t tell for sure though. It’s hard communicating this way… I mean, the dead/good grass background could work, but I’d probably lose one of the smaller images, and really focus on… well, whatever your focus is.”

A third added “a customer does not care about your business. They care about themselves. So never put your name at the top of the organic lawn care postcard…. Put the benefit to the customer. Some thing like:

  • Your neighbors will be jealous when they see you have the best looking lawn on the street. And best of all it is 100% organic!

Also you need to put a call to action in your flyer as well as a little bit of scarcity. Try some thing like.

  • Call us before the first of March and we will give you 50% of your first treatment.”

I hope these suggestions help you create a better postcard. It can be tough finding a design that works well, so keep experimenting and testing to see what kind of results you get.”

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