Additional ways to make money on your lawn mowing route.

Sometimes just putting a little more effort into something can bring about big differences between you and others who don’t. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from one entrepreneur who spends his free time between customers, interacting with property owners in his service area. The way he does it is fairly unique and employing his methods could help you gain more lawn care customers.

He wrote “I am just a one man lawn mowing operation that does pretty good and most all the time am never pressured on the schedule. One thing I love to do during my day is dumpster dive for treasure. I look for houses being demolished or remodeled.

If I see a dumpster with good used straight wood, wire or copper fittings, I’m in it. I also look for people cleaning out their garages and tossing stuff away. I look for old books or anything old for that matter. Most of the times I ask permission to pick through their junk pile and seldom am I denied. When I have this moment to talk with the homeowner, I always try to give them a business card. I ask them to please call me if they need any with their property and if not, could they please pass my card on to someone who might.

Sometimes the old things I find are kept and sometimes I put them on ebay for a little walk around money. One time I found three old red flashing emergency lights off of an old fire engine or cop car. I took them home and put them in my storage shed only to dig them up later and polish the chrome up. They polished up real nice. Then I put one on ebay and each fetched $300.00. I also found an old Rupp snowmobile helmet in fair condition, that I sold for $140.00

If you see the old metal flake motorcycle helmets from the 70’s, snap em up! excellent money. Vintage garden tools at the right time of year, can bring you fairly good money. When I find aluminum window frames, I throw them in a pile and save them until I have a small truck load, which I can then sell to the local metal recycler.

Look for those gouged up old mower blades and other tin. You would be surprised what a small load of that will bring. New and old dimension lumber often times if you pull the nails out, you can later use them to build a shed to store your mowers!

Not only can you pick up valuable items that others have discarded, but you can also use these opportunities to sell your lawn care services and make new contacts in new neighborhoods. I love garage sales for this reason. When I have time, I will pull up with my truck & mower, and strike up a conversation with the home owner. Sometimes I spend a couple bucks and sometimes I walk away with a new lawn care client.

Another trick I learned is to stop by lemonade stands. I try to hit every one I see during the summer and always pay a couple bucks a glass when the little kids are asking a quarter. I tell them to raise their prices as they have the best Lemonade in town. I make the kids feel good and smile. People always are watching what you are up to and when you do good, it comes back many times in return.

Try these tips and tricks out and see how they help you not only put a few more bucks in your pocket but help you reach out to new lawn care customers in new areas.”

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