Additional services my commercial lawn care client suggested I offer.

If you are looking to expand but don’t know which direction to go, sometimes the answers are right in front of you. Simply asking your current clients what other services they are needing or being on the look out for services you could offer them can help you test out different possibilities. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one entrepreneur got a chance to talk with a new commercial lawn care customer and found out there are a plethora of services they needed. Anyone of them could become a new avenue for him or you to pursue as well.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I was hired to provide lawn care for a new multi million dollar. It’s right on the water front with the ocean being just 20 feet from one side. That brings mice this time of the year. Currently they use something called sticky traps and some live traps to keep the mouse problem to a minimum. The building manager asked if I would be interested in handling this service. He said the start up costs are next to nothing however the profit margin is high. I did the math and thought it over. It seems like a very easy add-on business to learn and would be to offer to residential customers as well.

They are looking to pay $1,320 a month for this service. Traps are placed every 60 feet along the perimeter of the 40,000 sq/ft building. I would need to come in every week and check the locations which they document. If I am already there to mow, why not offer this as well?

Another thing I was talking to the building manager about is garbage removal. They are putting out a contract for a couple of small dumps on 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks. They would pay $30,000 a year to come three times a week and remove the trash.

For $30,000 all I would need to do is go to the building three times a week to

  1. Load garbage that is not recyclable.
  2. Do whatever I want with items that can be recycled. Which means I can resell it.
  3. Take compost.

I am interested in this as well and am giving some thought into starting another company then maybe later selling it off.

There are so many restaurants in my area that could benefit from this as well. Us little guys often overlook what the bigger guys are doing. From what my calculations are, the profit for garbage removal and rodent traps is simply amazing. Compared to lawn mowing it’s upwards of 17 times the profit and I don’t understand why more smaller companies haven’t looked into offering them.

Anyway, I am considering these new options and thought maybe you would find these services interesting to offer as well.”

A second lawn care business owner said “my mind is always thinking of other services to offer and I too agree that there are opportunities everywhere. I have so many things I want to do. I think what I need to do is list them all and then make a game plan of how to achieve them. If I don’t then 10 years from now I’ll probably still be mowing lawns and then talking about how I still want to do these things.”

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