A small lawn clean up turned into a big profit job.

Small lawn care clean up jobs can grow and grow and grow at times. As we will see from this discussion in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, keeping your eye open for opportunities can really help your bottom line. Just make sure as these projects grow, you can handle the job, and your bid price rises to include the additional services.

One lawn care business owner wrote “my lawn care company got a call for a clean up job that started small and seemed to grow and grow. So did my price.

The home had been left unattended for quite some time as it sat on the market and waited to be sold. When the new homeowners finally moved in, they ended up having a jungle on their hands instead of a lawn. The front lawn was at least three feet high and so was the back. Weeds had engulfed the swing set and pool.

I personaly only put about 8 hrs total into the job to do the following
* Bid the job
* Running for materials
* Provide a little help with some of the harder cleanup around the swing set
The rest I had one of my staff members do the hard work.

The total man hours spent was around 15 hours.

As I was there, I was able to point out issues the home owner probably would want taken care of but not want to do themselves. I convinced them to let us pressure wash the house and fence after we removed the tall grass, weeds and tall brush hiding the house. Then I upsold them on a replacement pool liner and get that up and running for them.

My only stumble was, when I went to mow the back yard, I didn’t check the width of their gates. I found the gate was too small for my mowers, so I had to move a fence post, get some adjustable hinges for the gate, and made it a little wider. Amazingly enough, it only needed about an inch & half, but I got it fixed.

When I was finished, the customer told me they were so satisfied with my work, that they didn’t want it to go bad again so they hired me to maintain their property year round! They saved quite a bit of money buying the house in the condition it was in, so the amount they paid me to clean it all up and keep it that way was minor to them.

When I am busy, I bid high because I don’t need the work. So if I get the job, I am going to make it worth my while as I did here. So with the following jobs:

* Cleanup
* New patio
* Pressure Washing
* Pool work

If I am not mistaken, I charged the customer around $1,800.00. That is pretty amazing considering the initial call was just to mow down the lawn and trim back the weeds.

Early on when I first got my lawn care business started, I probably wouldn’t have even thought to attempt to try and upsell the customer on additional services. But now, I find I try to upsell everything. I look around the property, take inventory of the situation and provide the customer with a list of issues they may want to have me address.

Remember, a lot of times, if you don’t ask, they won’t even think you can perform different services for them. So ask!”

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