A mobile small engine service company is a great way of adding more profits.

Experimenting with different services is a great way to test out what may make you money and what won’t. If you can keep your costs down, you can do quite a bit of experimenting. That’s exactly what this one entrepreneur did when he decided to not only offer lawn care services to home owners but he can also perform mobile small engine services to both home owners and commercial lawn care companies. If you have a knack for small engine repair, this might be something you could check out or hire to perform your repairs. Let’s check out what this business owner had to say in a discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’ve worked on small engines for the past 40 + years and have been the owner a small engine service company for the past 15 years. Although I had always offered free pick-up and delivery when I operated out of a building, I went mobile two years ago and I wish I had taken this step ten years ago.

Since taking this jump, I now have a full service shop in my 16′ enclosed trailer and 95% of my service work is done on site. My customers love this. I’m also venturing into lawn care service this year and I honestly believe this will be a great addition to my current small engine repair service. If I can’t keep busy between these two services, I’m missing the mark somewhere.

Mobile Small Engine Repair Service

Mobile Small Engine Repair Service

I currently have four full time lawn care services who are regular customers and they don’t work in the same areas that I’m targeting for lawn care. As a matter of fact, a couple of them have offered me some of their mowing accounts just so they can slow down a little - a good position to be in.

In my trailer set up, I have a roll around tool box, lift, grinders, chain saw sharpener, work bench, vice, pressure washer, water holding tank, oil, gas, parts … etc. I’m sure that you get the picture, and this has been an amazing adventure for me.

As far as my pricing structure, a typical, single cylinder rider service, which includes tune up, change oil, sharpen & balance blades, clean and adjust carb, clean or replace filter and pressure wash the machine runs $69.95 and it is done right there in the customers drive. I wish I had thought of this 10 years ago. My spring  service special tune-up, includes change oil, clean and adjust carburetor, clean or replace air filter, sharpen and balance blade(s), pressure wash your mower. For a push mower I charge $54.95 For handheld equipment I charge $39.95.

Mobile lawn mower repair service trailer

Mobile lawn mower repair service trailer

I also offer these services to commercial customers on a re-occurring basis.”

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