A method to sell more landscaping jobs.

It is difficult to create your own lawn care marketing message from scratch without any outside influence. Sometimes getting a little help in the form of an example can really help you get going. Here is that help thanks to a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. In this discussion, a fellow landscaper shares with us his marketing message in hopes to help you find new customers and grow.

One lawn care business owner wrote “if you are looking to gain more landscaping jobs, you should consider doing something similar to what we did. We decided to take the education angle in our lawn care marketing this year with flyers and brochures that were sent out to prospective clients. The headline of the material said ‘Available designs for your landscaping budget’ along with other marketing that said ”We turn your dream landscape into a reality’ at the top.

We also put this on our website. Lastly we used these tips when doing walk through with the client.

Below the headline, we included this text. ‘Landscaping your front and/or back yards can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. So before you take plunge into such a project, here are 3 important tips you need to know:

1. Know what you want before you get started.
Ideally it would be great to know exactly how you want your landscape to look before you get started, but at the very least, having a mental picture may be enough. Figure out which plants, trees, and features you want. Do you want shade trees? Colorful flowering shrubs? Do you want to have a theme? Do you want water features like a pond or fountain? Do you want to highlight your landscape with a hardscape, a wooden pergola, or possibly some outdoor lighting? Think of things like that.

Sell more landscaping jobs.

Sell more landscaping jobs.

If you’re hiring a landscaper they will need a definite description instead of a vague ‘Make this area prettier’ or ‘Just do your best to spruce it up.’ Professional landscaping contractors will give you their best but without a proper plan and communication, the end result might not be what you had pictured in your mind no matter how great the end result is. When this happens, you and your contractor can end up feeling awful.

2. Decide on what your budget will be.
No one likes to sit down and quantify a landscape design in dollars and cents but it’s necessary since it will define what the landscaping project ultimately will be. Your budget can be an indicator if you need to adjust your design, leave out some features or consider some alternatives. If money is no object then skip this step and head on to the next point. Although having a budget to work with is still wise and helps prevent problems.

3. Make sure to do your homework.
If you’re going to do the project yourself, do research online as well as check things out with others who have actually done their own landscaping. Check local suppliers, compare prices, get the necessary tools and equipment.

If you’re hiring a professional landscaper, ask them for referrals or get recommendations from friends. Use common sense. If someone you know has an amazingly landscaped yard or lawn that has impressed you, it speaks volumes about their landscape contractor.

Lastly thank the potential customer for taking the time to read through your tips and let them know you are available for free estimates to help them create the landscape of their dreams. Make mention that you are licensed, insured, and can provide references upon request.

When you get the opportunity to show up and do a walk through at a potential customer’s property, consider bringing with you a photo book of before and after landscape creations you have made with the simpler project in the front of the book, then leading to the more elaborate and pricier jobs at the end.”

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