A lawn care business needs help re-branding itself.

It can be frustrating when you are trying to get new lawn care customers and you keep running into the same kind of customer. One that focuses on price is very hard to sell on quality. Rebranding your company image may help you promote more of who you are and better target who you want to reach but there is still a lot more one can do than rebrand, as we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’m going to be re-branding my lawn care company this year. I want a new logo, new color schemes, different approach to everything really. I feel like I just fall into the crowd with everyone else right now. Nothing really stands out about anything I do and I want to change that. Also I’m not happy with the logo I have, the grass in the logo gets confused for fire (never seen green fire) so I want to change it to something more classy and not so generic.

I’d like to have someone design up a new logo and I’d like them to do a few different ideas to see what I like best.

I don’t think it’s anything drastic what I am planning on doing, I just want to change up the way I’m seen and embrace the fact that I’m a full time professional company. What I have already works fairly well, but I want to take it a step higher and try to set myself above others.

In my eyes there levels of lawn care businesses. You have the no name/dirty ones, the smaller companies that have 1-3 crews and seem pretty clean cut, then the larger multi crew companies. I’d say I’m in the middle group. It’s just people seem to be throwing every company (unless your one of the few huge companies around here) into the same barrel. That barrel being labeled unprofessional and giving poor service. I had one lady tell me ‘why would I go with you and over pay you when you’ll just give me sh*tty service like the last company?’ She said this because I was $38 a cut compared to the part timers that would do it for $20. I explained how she would be getting a professional crew servicing her property and how she could have it done at $20 or done right at $38. She didn’t care to hear it though.

Image didn’t do anything with that one. I’m tired of people calling me for an estimate and when I’m $5 - $10 bucks more they question it and say ‘well the last guy was only $XX’ and I have to go through the whole sales pitch of well why are you calling me? Apparently something wasn’t right with the cheap guy, you get what you pay for and there’s a reason we’re more.

So I want to go with a better logo that has a look of ‘age’ to it. Something that says established, professional, and quality. I think I have an idea of what I want now, just need to find a place to lay it out and get some new lettering for the new truck.

And to be honest, I don’t fully admire any company out there. They all have their faults. I could pick and chose things I liked about a few but there’s none that fully impress me.

I have tried to offer different services like organic lawn care a couple times and the price was always too high to attract people. I would get a few hits on it but once they found out the price, they would quickly turn it down.

The area I’m in is kind of a strange bird. This area was big in the 50’s with steel mills, they’ve almost all closed though and the big city here is now in shambles. I actually won’t even work in the city because it’s so bad. But the surrounding cities and towns are doing decent. These areas mostly need property services. We have a lot of well off older people, which means a lot of doctors and medical related professionals. The area tends to rely on itself for a lot of things so even though the country is hurting right now, we’ve always been so-so economy wise and it hasn’t gotten worse.

So far this year, it’s been a mix of price and quality as the main selling point for people. Everything I’ve landed this year has been because the people were tired of having to deal with their lawn/landscape when they were paying for it to be taken care of so they saw the value in me. And I want to continue to reinforce that fact with a better company image in hopes that brings me to where I want to be.”

A second business owner said “my experience has been that most average middle class people don’t give a damn about your pretty logo or new truck and fancy trailer. They care about price. Some people will have to learn the hard way. Cheaper is not necessarily better. I think image is more important in upper class neighborhoods for sure.”

A third added “when the competition heats up with cheap lawn care service I think you need to figure out what people really dislike about those companies.

From what I have seen, cheap = unreliable. That is a marketing angle you can play up. Promote how long you have been in business. Explain to the customer they won’t have to find a new cheap cut lawn service every other week because their lawn care provider didn’t show up.

Play up your good side. Also offer other services the start ups can’t or won’t do. We have seen a lot more diversification in services this year than in the past.

Creating a new image isn’t a bad idea but I don’t think it will alone do what you want it to do. You have to focus on doing the best job you can, build up your referrals and market with a message of what makes you better and worthwhile.”

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