A landscaping and lawn care debt collection letter that works.

Do you have a customer or customers that are telling you repeatedly that the check is in the mail? Maybe they have even go so far as to tell you they aren’t going to pay you. One of our Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum Members had to deal with this issue until she sent out a letter that got her dead beat lawn care customer to pay up.

Amy: “Thanks for the sample collection letter you posted, I was paid. That’s one deadbeat down and 1 to go! It was a small victory and a boost to my self esteem.”

debt collection letter

Steve: “That is great news! Tell us what you did to get paid. I am sure a lot of new lawn care business owners are reading this, wondering what steps you took to get success.”

Amy: “First, I called the Small Claims Court in my County and gathered information on starting a small court claim. How much to file, how much for the Sheriff to serve papers, etc. Then, I gathered my information regarding my deadbeat client; like the dates we performed lawn & garden maintenance and filled in the blanks. I stressed she had 5 days after the receipt of the letter to settle her bill. If not, then I will file a claim against her for theft of services.

I went to the post office and sent the letter registered mail. 3 days later, I received her payment in full. I ran to the bank and deposited the check; hoping she didn’t put a stop payment on it! Accompanying her check was a little nasty note stating that she was the one who fired us, but that doesn’t excuse her nonpayment.

Here’s the lawn care business debt collection letter format that I used. I removed the personal information and others who use it can just fill in the blanks appropriately.

Dear deadbeat:

You had hired ABC Company on (insert date) to perform garden maintenance at 3 week intervals, starting this day. At the same time, you hired us for lawn maintenance at an agreed price of $$, starting this day. Since then, I’ve performed garden maintenance per our contract on this day and lawn maintenance was performed on the following dates. Payment terms per our contract are due upon completion. Payments for the services listed above are now due immediately. Despite several phone calls to you to collect payment, you have stated on 3 seperate occasions that your payment is in the mail. Since I have not received payment to date, your services were terminated by ABC Company on said date, due to theft of services.

As per our contract, I am requesting to be paid $$$ for our services……

To read the rest of this letter and download it in it’s entirety visit the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here.

GopherHaul 34 - How to get dead beat lawn care customers to pay up.

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