A great lawn care business upsell service to offer.

Every lawn care business owner is always looking for more services to offer as upsells. There is plenty of money to be made out there and customers are willing to pay you if you are able to suggest to them a service they could use. How about this idea a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum offers and makes money at.

He wrote “I am always thinking of ways to add services to help out my clients and add more money to the bottom line. We all add on services like gutter cleaning, tree/shrub trimming, pressure washing, irrigation repairs/cleanouts, handyman service and the one I like the most is dog walking. LOL

My new service I will be offering is a Vent Clean Out service for the dryer in your house. You ask what is this and how did I come across this one? I’ll tell you.

My friend was having problems with his dryer not drying fast enough or heating up to the proper temperature to dry the clothes. He thought the dryer was old and broken. So he and his wife went out and bought a new one and of course they had to buy the matching washer. They gave the old one to their daughter to use as a back up. When the men came to install and remove the old units they asked my friend when was the last time they had cleaned out the dryer vent? You know the one that goes into the wall and either out to the roof or outside wall? They said,”I clean out the snake looking aluminum one often.” He said no the one that releases the lint and hot air outside. They said never.

clogged dryer vent

clogged dryer vent

dryer vent cleaned

dryer vent cleaned

Well to make a long story short they cleaned out the piping and vent and had a shopping bag filled with lint. They said over time this may cause a fire or burn out the dryer from overheating. Everything worked fine. At the daughters house the mother told her about this and her husband cleaned his out and tried the dryer out and it worked perfectly and heated up nice and hot. Wasted money for them, is now a New Service to Offer for me.

They told me about this and I went home and cleaned out my vent and duck work. My dryer wasn’t all that hot either. After the clean out, my dryer was like new. I had about a half of bag of lint. My neighbor saw me on my roof cleaning out the vent and asked what I was doing and I told him. He asked me to clean his and paid me $15.00 for about 15 minutes of work. Then a light bulb went off in my head!! Here is a service I can offer to my clients. It’s a no brainer. Everyone is concerned about losing their home to fire or theft.

So this is what I did.

1. I went on the roof (or wall vent) and cleaned it out.
2. Went inside and moved the dryer and removed the snake like aluminum tube and cleaned it out.
3. Took my wet vac and reversed it to blow out the vent leading to the roof. If you dont have a wet vac use you back pack blower. The blower will leave a smell of exhaust. (My neighbor said it looked like it was snowing) I did this several times to ensure that everything was clean.
4. Vacuumed up the dust or lint in the room.
5. Reattached everything and turned on the dryer to make sure it worked properly A Okay.

The end result was the customer was happy, I am happy and now I have more money in my pocket.

You may not be too sure that this really goes with lawn care but, when you are at a customer house, look at it from the road, look for things you can do to make more money and make the customers life easier. Sales and money will follow.”

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