A bad lawn care business marketing idea

When you are considering marketing ideas for your lawn care business, knowing what works is as equally as important as knowing what doesn’t work. Here is a great post from our lawn care business forum on a marketing concept that just didn’t work. You can join the post here and get involved. If you were considering doing something similar I hope after you read this article, you will jump on the forum and thanks those who shared with us their insights.

Jeremy, posted this question on our forum

Guys here’s the deal I have been doing a lot of thinking of ways to get my name out there and i am a former oval track racer myself so I thought hey why not propose to the owner of the local speedway about mowing for him. I was thinking if I mow the property and take care of all the mowing trimming etc. then I could maybe advertise on the back stretch of the speedway. I look at it like this, how many of you have seen your local speedway on speed tv that place gets crammed pack plus i would be getting my name on national tv well kinda lol but hey its ok for me to think that way right lots of people tell me I’m crazy it’s just to much but I look at it like this. It’s awesome advertisement that really I’m paying very very little for my time and fuel and over a longer period of time I don’t have to have up front cash to advertise. I can use it on other methods of advertising what does everyone think of this idea is it a go or no go I figure me doing it myself I’m looking maybe a full day of mowing if that.”

I responded to Jeremy.

That is a really good question. How long would it take you to service this property each week? How many times a month would you service the property?

Jeremy said “I’m guessing it would take me a full 8 hour day to do all of the property and probably mow like once a week im not really sure on that.”

Rick jumped in and suggested “What about lawn painted logo in the middle grass area?”

Another of our forum members’ Chuck also was in the process of considering this type of marketing for his lawn care business. He said “There is a local track here that offered me a similar deal, Has a track similar sized to the one in the pictures above & a huge grass parking lot, pits are grass & an area around a pond. Offered me a trade off for advertising 1) on a 4′x4′ sign as race fans walk in it’s right at the entrance 2) an add in all their programs on race nights. It would be about 7 hours work for me weekly, he has most of the equipment to be used & will supply fuel for the machinery (his & mine if I need to use it) I haven’t yet decided what to do. I walked into the race office & asked about it last week because there was a lawn care company on that sign a month ago & it was painted over, they apparently quit. I don’t know why, the owner of the track say they gained “a lot of business from this”. Could be B.S. & it didn’t work or I was thinking…. If your out to ideally work 5 days a week & servicing the track takes 1 to do that’s 20% of your time making no money. If it did work & you gained much business you’d have to quit servicing the track to service your new customers or buy another truck, trailer equipment & hire a crew & just hope the business keeps coming from it.”

Since another lawn care business owner had previously performed the task and had since quit, I asked Chuck “Is there anyway of finding out who the previous lawn care business was? Could you call them up and ask them about their experience?”

Chuck did a little investigative work and was able to talk to the previous lawn care business owner. Chuck posted “I got in touch with the owner of the other company that was doing the work there today. Turns out he did the work there for months & months, it took the track like 3 months to put his sign up as promised & they never got him put on there web site or in the programs as promised. He also volunteered & he & his employees were running the broom crew every Saturday night so he could get his truck (all logo’d up) out on the track in front of the fans. He told me he never gained a single account from all of this & the expenses got too high so he quit doing it. So bottom line is I don’t think I am interested in this form of advertisement at all.

I think it’s kinda like Mike said earlier in the post “most race fans are, and most blue collar folk do their own work.” It seems to just be the wrong demographic. You might have better luck volunteering to mow a golf course for free if the put your name & number on the side of all their golf karts! “

I do appreciate all the insight into this discussion. I hope it will help other lawn care business owners with their marketing. Hopefully you won’t run into the same problems these business owners did. I will be discussing this topic in a future episode of our lawn care business show GopherHaul.

If our show or forum has helped you, or if you have any business questions, please let us know and send an email or make a post about your experience! I hope all these ideas have helped you expand and grow your business and mind. So until the next time, always remember to Dream it, Build it, Gopher it!

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