A $2,700 landscape project makeover.

I love to showcase some of the landscape projects, members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum share with us. They are great learning tools because you get a chance to see a before and after image along with the bid price and the amount of profit the job generated. From this you can compare and contrast your jobs and get an idea what others are charging for similar work. Or if you have yet to offer such landscape services, this will give you an idea how much you can make if you did start offering them.

One of our forum members wrote “here is a before picture of an area I recently landscaped.

Landscape project before image

Landscape project before image

Also attached is a computer generated design the customer and I came up with. They took 3 of our original designs and decided what they wanted to integrate into their own design.

Landscape project - after image

Landscape project - after image

An added bonus to this job is that their house is the first in the subdivision, so it will get a lot of “Show Time” to potentially attract other customers. The customer also agreed to let us keep a sign in their front yard for one month after the install.

There are two of us doing the install so it should take a good two solid days to do the job. Then later a few follow up visits to check for proper root development and growth.

We finalized the figure at $2,750, it will cost me roughly $1,100 to do the job.

I tried to upsell the customer but couldn’t hook him in on lawn services. He had just recently spent out $5,000 on a new ZTR. However I did sell him on bed design and install, a retaining wall, and next year sod in the back yard. He has a few trees he needs removed before the sod installation though and that should generate more money.

I asked him how he found us and he said he found us via our website, so I know my internet marketing is working. I also have been doing a lot of door to door marketing the past few days. It has been very successful as I have been able to pick up 14 new lawn care clients and two other landscape installs and mulch jobs.”

Beyond learning how much this lawn care business owner charged for such a landscape project, we also get to see how he tracks his marketing efforts by asking his new customers how they found him. He can track this information and see which of his marketing is working and which isn’t. If he finds he is spending quite a bit of money and time on certain marketing campaigns that are not producing results, he can cut them from his marketing strategy and focus more on what is working.

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