$300 a year lawn care customer upsell idea.

You never know when your next big idea is going to be right around the corner. Take this idea for instance. One of the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum had been at a lawn care customer’s home performing some power washing when a light bulb went on in his head and a new business service was created.

He wrote “One of my pressure washing guys does amazing work, he is an engineering student who loves pressure washing with a very keen eye for detail.

Power washing garbage can

Power washing garbage can

Anyhow I dropped by on a big job he did to present the invoice to the older couple. They presented a check and said I hope you don’t mind but we had Dave (they got on a first name basis and I guess they fed him all day long) power wash our Bio bin and outside furniture, how much extra will that be?? I said it’s on the house and I appreciate your business. My employee, Dave, tells me your better half is an amazing baker.

My city has introduced a very strict recycle program. Every household received a large green bio bin from the city. You have a list of things to put in it and every other Wednesday you put it out for collection. The alternating Wednesday (it’s Wednesday in my community) is garbage. Now they spot check your garbage and if there are items in it that should have been recycling you get a warning then a fine. The city employs dozens of people to check this and the ton’s we save on garbage a year is staggering.

I pressure wash my own every other month so I got to thinking, I wonder if anyone offers this service? I checked the yellow pages and there is one company listed. I called them and asked a few questions. In short for $300.00 a year they will drop by your home and wash your bio bin every other month. So next I checked google for bio bin power washing in our city and found no returns….JACKPOT!

Two hours ago I wrote the last 8 clients we did pressure washing for. In a short email I said thank you for your business. We have just rolled out another new service you may be interested in. For $300.00 a year we will wash your bio bin every other month. If you are interested, simply confirm by email and we will add you to our schedule, as of now I have six replies saying sign me up. That is $1,800 simply by sending out some emails!

I’m not sure how this will work in the winter but I have lots of time to figure that out. I will schedule this so we go to the home the day after their bio bin is emptied. Next up,¬† I will write a webpage and add the key words to attract new clients. This could be a small gold mine as there are over 100,000 bio bins in our city.

I think people are turned off from sales due to call centers, high pressure sales places, vacuum cleaner door knockers etc. However customers do not mind soft sales which is all we do. I never have and never would pressure sell anyone. A joke line I use with a lot of clients is “I hope you don’t feel that I have my hand in your wallet however I noticed you could use………, give it some thought and if you are interested let me know, most times they say go ahead on the spot after a chuckle.”

What a fantastic new service that can open up many other doors. Try out offering this services and let us know the results you find with it.

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