5 lawn care business sales tips.

There is a pretty big difference between someone who has been trained in the art of sales and someone who hasn’t. Many lawn care business owners get started but don’t consider themselves people persons. Others may think they are natural born sellers. However, there is no substitute for training and knowing what works and what doesn’t when it comes to sales. Sales is the life blood of your lawn care business. Luckily, we got some great advice on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, from an entrepreneur who spent years selling lawn care service for a nationwide lawn care franchise.

He wrote “hello, I have been in the lawn care business for years, working as a full time salesman for a nationwide lawn care franchise. Working for someone else never really set well for me and I planned to one day go off on my own. This year I decided to take all that I have and apply it to my own lawn care business. I saw how much money there was to be made and I saw how much I was making for someone else, but not anymore. I have decided it is time to starting make money for myself and not for someone else.

In my time with this other lawn care company I got started as a technician and moved my way up to sales. I have had quite a bit of training with the application side of the lawn care business, as well as small equipment repair, and aeration/over seeding.

In my area, I realized there is a big demand for the services that the major companies have to turn down. The little jobs are the ones they profit the least from as they just don’t have the manpower to do them.

The key to success in the lawn care industry is in the sales and the follow up. In my opinion there are 5 Things you should do/not do to improve your sales.

1) Appearance - No one wants to hire someone who looks like a street bum. Take a few minutes and dust your self off before you visit a new lawn care customer. You don’t need to wear a suit and tie but you should show pride in you appearance. It shows the potential customer that you care.

Customers will pick up on the fact that you care about your appearance and that of your truck or car. They will feel if you care about the way you present yourself, you will care about your work and how their lawn looks.

2) Be on time. If you are going to be late, call and let them know.

Nothing will turn a customer off more than if you are late and they don’t know why. They will wonder if you will show up to mow their lawn on time or miss weeks etc.

3) Be pleasant. Listen to what the customer wants. Let them show you around and while they do, compliment them on their home/gardens etc. People will be more open to a friendly fun person then a rude rushed sales person.

4) Don’t use trade jargon (Fert , App, etc.) This just makes the customer feel dumb because they don’t know what you are talking about. Be precise and clear with your lawn care terms. Use terms everyone knows such as fertilizer, application, spreader etc.

5) Know your products and services. Don’t over or under sell them. Most customers know more then they let on or can look up what you tell them on the Internet. You do not want to get caught in a lie. You also don’t want to look inept on a lawn when you can’t tell them what it is that you are putting on their lawn. Ah ah ah ah, is NOT a intelligent answer.

Sales can be easy and fun when you are relaxed enough to be yourself. When you dress neat and are clean. And finally when you are pleasant and knowledgeable to the customer.

Apply these sales lessons that have taken me years to learn and you will have more fun and your business will grow.”

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