4th mowing season update on where I am at.

Every lawn care business grows at different paces but it’s always nice to know a little about how others are doing compared to you. Maybe you can pick up a tip about which mowing setup works best? Or possible which landscape trailer is ideal. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one entrepreneur shares with us what his set up is for his 4th mowing season and some business lessons he learned that allowed him to get to that point.

One lawn care business owner wrote “this year will be the 3rd year for my business and the 4th season of cutting grass full time. I’d like to show you how much I have grown in that time. The first picture is of my old truck and trailer set up.

1st mowing season equipment

1st mowing season equipment

The next pictures is of my newest set up for this year. I redid up the sides on my trailer and built a basket to hold gas cans and the back pack blower. The taller sides have really helped with hauling mulch and doing clean up jobs.

The trailer is 6.5 x 14.

One of the biggest business lessons I have learned from these past years is, always do a good job. Sure it sounds simple but it’s the truth. Especially when you are starting out and trying to make a name for yourself. I know the urge is always there to race through the job to get to the next one, but the faster you work, the messier the job will look and your customers will notice! The second important lesson is to never low ball your price to get customers. I know it feels good getting customers but getting a customer because you are way cheaper is really only hurting yourself. Someday if your business grows, you are going to have to raise your prices to pay for your larger overhead costs if you want to stay in business.

4th mowing season equipment

4th mowing season equipment

I found it important right off the bat to buy commercial grade equipment. SAVE YOUR MONEY and put it back into the business. I pretty much started my business with 4 yards and a junky consumer grade zero turn mower that belonged to my parents. I now maintain over 75 mowing accounts weekly. I have always went for the larger properties, my smallest is 1/2 an acre and my largest is 6.

So far I’m really happy with everything I’ve done and it has really made my life a lot better. My only regret would be I should have bought a 16 or 18 foot landscape trailer to get started with. Currently everything fits perfect and the 14 foot trailer is great for maneuverability but the extra room would be nice. In the future I’d really like to get a box trailer for the mowers and keep my open trailer for clean ups and mulch jobs.

If I were to get an enclosed trailer, I would like to either get a 16 or 18 foot with a 2foot v-nose for extra room. You can always use a little more room for all your stuff to fit is the main reason.”

A second lawn care business owner shared “to start off this mowing season, I drove 2 hours (one way) to check out some some mowing equipment for sale and left $6,000 poorer but with:

mowing equipment setup

mowing equipment setup

  • 14′ by 7′ big tex trailer with tall sides, electric brake hook up and all other bells and whistles - racks, box, trimmer line, etc
  • 48 inch Encore xtreme zero turn 290 hours
  • 2 husq weedeaters
  • 1 husq edger
  • 1 husq chainsaw
  • 1 husq backpack blower
  • 1 push mower
  • 1 self propelled mower
  • hand tools

All this equipment is in great shape, and I thought to be a steal at $5,000 and will go nicely with my current walk behind and all blowing/trimming equipment… I felt this is the next step I need to start a 2nd crew this year.”

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