3,500 lawn care business postcards mailed and how many results?

Have you ever sent out quite a bit of lawn care marketing material and gotten lack luster results or no results at all? It happens. What is really difficult about this is if you are just starting out and you spend a lot of money on marketing and then get nothing in return, you might feel like giving up. If this happens to your lawn care business, don’t give up. These things happen. Marketing is like fishing. You never know when it’s going to catch you something. Let’s take a look at a story from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

Lawn Care Postcards

Lawn Care Postcards

One of out members wrote “I wanted to send out postcards to promote my lawn care business and what I did first was ask my current clients in my area if they read ad mail? Their response was sometimes “if it catches my eye” and “if it is printed on professional cards.” I asked about flyers and the majority said they do not read flyers. If printed on a color photocopy paper, it’s used as kindling to start a fire. So the message to me was clear.

I Hired a local marketing company, told them what I wanted, they came back with 3 designs. I went back to my clients and asked them to choose. I also asked people at the local market which one they liked. All but one selected the same card. I had 10,000 printed.

I then had it drop mailed into very specific areas of the city. What we call the South End, a very rich area where for the most part, it’s hiring someone to do it for you and keeping up with the neighbors. 80% of my sales are attributed to this locals area.

The message of this post card was our Organic Products, Professional Lawn Care and Clean Up’s, the card is very sharp. I dropped 3,500 last Thursday, not one call or email has been generated.

Two weeks ago I ran a very simple short ad in a local newspaper, it cost me $18.50, it’s drive was mini excavation, I received over twenty grand in contracts and am still receiving calls.

So I guess a lesson learned, I am a bit shocked at a no response at all, I know this area well and the card really should have sparked some attention.

I ask every caller or email, how did you hear about us, 97% is newspaper, 3% search engine. I am not including word of mouth, also picked up three jobs from people who saw one of my trucks and wrote the number down.

So I will give it one more shot and send 5,000 into the upper middle class and see what happens, it is a very expensive way to get the name out, even if I had one call…..”

What I did this evening is write a large number of clients asking if they received our Lawncare Card.”

Another forum member shared his views on newspaper ads. He said post cards and ad packs are usually intercepted by the wife who considers the lawn, the ‘duty’ of the man of the house and promptly discards it. I don’t think they are worthwhile.

I also ran a block ad in our local paper in the services section. It cost me $120.00 a quarter (13 weeks). I started the ad last week (it comes out every Monday and is home delivered) and so far I have received 61 calls and my website is getting 35-40 hits a day. I wanted to get 50 new accounts this year and as of today I have gotten 41. I gave 11 estimates today and have 10 set for tomorrow.

I think newspaper ads make you look more ‘real’ to the customers.”

Very fascinating information to consider when you are looking into marketing your lawn care business. What works in one area may not work in another but one thing is for sure. Paying more money on your lawn care marketing does not guarantee it will work better.

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