Compare your lawn care marketing plan to this one.

Every area is different when it comes to lawn care marketing. What works in one area may not work in another due to many factors. With that being said, if you are looking to hear some general feedback of how one lawn care business owner marketed his business this past year, check out this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and compare/contrast your lawn care marketing plan to his.

He wrote “I have experimented over the past few years with quite a bit of marketing to promote my business. Here are some of the things I have done that have worked well for me.

In my area there are three phone books. Two of them are residential and one is business. They are all the same prices for an ad. When it comes to advertising in the phone book, you want to be starting out in the residential and business listing. I get 2 ads, one by 2 1/2 and another listing of just your business name. I put my name listing under either lawn care, gutter cleaning, or snow removal etc.. The phone book costs me $58 a month so it comes out to about $700 a year. If you have a thousand different phone books in your area then make sure you are getting the right one to place your ad in. Most residential customers use the phone book to look up pizza, so I check out which phone books have the most pizza listings in them and use that one. I have tried to fight my way to the front on the phone book listing but it’s all alphabetical order. That explains why some people name their company AAA lawn care. If you can’t be listed first, being second or third is ok as well.

Home and Garden shows. I attend these every year. These shows will usually put out a book of advertisements that they hand out to attendees. My ad for last years show was $480. A lot of people from my area saw the ad and it definitely paid for itself with the work I got from it.

Chamber of Commerce. It costs me $400 a year to join. A lot of people to speak and talk at their events. They are a great place to learn more about business and make new contacts. Be sure you bring plenty of business cards or pens when you attend their gatherings. I meet them once a month in my area. I’d say I got at least 10 new accounts from there this year.

Weekly newspaper. I always ask the ad rep, what the number one page read page is and get my ad in there. For the work I get from it, the ad is very cheap and effective.

Daily newspaper. I place classified ads in them. Here’s a trick I learned that helps me get a lot of calls, I pay extra to be placed second under the category of my choice and include a catchy headline. Then I place another ad further down the list, so I double my chances of being read. It pays off for me because everybody reads the paper. My ad generate a lot of money for the 3 months of advertising I did in the spring.

My classified ad in the paper is usually 5 lines long and I pay little bit more for it to be highlighted. Everybody that I have talked to said that having it highlight helped get their attention. I have three different ads I use and I change them around to try and pull in more hits. I like to use catchy headlines that stands out from the rest. I also include the name of my business and my website address.

I’d say I got the most calls from my newspaper ads. My website did generate a good amount of leads as well to pay for itself and cover the costs of some new equipment.

This winter I advertised snow removal in the newspaper and landed a job that included 2 blocks of roof top snow removal in a senior citizens area. I made a killing off it.”

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