How to bid a sod removal and install job.

When a lawn care customer calls you and asks for a quote on a new sod installation, there are a bunch of questions that should pop up in your mind before you actually proceed in bidding the job. If you don’t find out first why the current lawn needs to be replaced with new sod, you may find that shortly after you lay the sod, issues arise. Let’s take a look at this post made on a new sod installation bid, posted on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. I hope this sheds some light on the topic for you.

How to bid a sod removal and install job.

How to bid a sod removal and install job.

A lawn care business owner asked “This is my first sod removal and install job. So I am not quite sure how to bid this one. I know that we will have to remove patches of dead sod and replace. The homeowner estimates 3 pallets of sod to be replaced. I really need to get this one. Could anyone give me help on how to bid it.”

Another forum member shared his insight “First and foremost you need to know what cause the need for replacement of the sod?

1. Putting down where there was none
2. Lack of proper irragation
3. Bug insect or fungas problem
4. No current fertilization program in place

After you have decided what is the problem then you can go from there.

In pricing this job out you first need to know the correct amount of sod that you will need. I understand that the client told you three pallets but are you sure that it’s enough or too little. You need to measure the square footage to ensure tthat you know what you need.
When pricing a couple of things come into play.

1. Is it being delivered or are you picking it up
2. Are you doing it alone or do you have helpers
3. The cost of the sod and what is your markup

I asked these question so that you are well informed.
For me my markup is 20% on the sod if delivered I add the cost into to sod I don’t put on my work order a delivery charge. As for the labor I make a certain amount of money per hour and pay my staff $10 per hour. Example my rate is $30 per hour and two workers @ $10. added together is $50 per hour x amount of hours to do the completed job. If there is a factor for fuel the I add it into to sod cost.
I hope that this helped you out . If you need some more answers just ask .”

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