Why you should blog to get more lawn care customers.

Are you looking for an edge to get more lawn care customers and improve your website rankings on search engines? I am sure you are. Who isn’t! There are many ways to gain an advantage over a competitor and a lot of times it simply comes down to who is willing to put in that extra work to get it. In this discussion, a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum explains why he started a blog on his lawn care website and how it has helped his business.

He wrote “do you blog to get customers? If you don’t, you should really consider doing so. Yea I know, you are probably sitting there thinking, what’s a blog? Why should I bother blogging?

Before I got started blogging, I did not read many blogs at all. But now I read them on  a daily basis. The way this idea got sparked was that I found as I searched for information on the internet, I found that I was being directed to a lot of different blogs. It then got me thinking. What if potential customers in my area were looking for answers to their lawn care questions? They could either find it from me or possibly be turned on to a competitor!

For example, I did a search for SEO tips and I was directed to a blog on it. From there I learned a lot about what gets people to read blog articles. As a writer, you need to use one of the many ‘hooks’ to catch their attention. Here are a few that you can use.

Emotional Hooks - I am contemplating using this one for a few posts on savings, health, and so on.

News Hook - This I have used with success. It seems that people over 40 crowd are drawn to “News” blog’s (concerning Organic Lawn Care). In fact, I picked up 3 out of my 5 new customers from replying to their comments on my blog. I have now written articles on the dangers of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Especially those concerning children and health threats.

Resource hook - I picked up 2 customers using this. I wrote an article on identifying lawn insects and a weed identification. Again this reached out to the over 40 crowd. The resource hook also covers product reviews and description. This comes in handy if you are looking to sell products on your site as well. It has created many blog article comments from potential customers that has that led to sales.

Humor hook - I haven’t tried yet.

Controversy hook - I haven’t tried yet.

You may sit there and think, how many people are going to want to read blog articles about taking care of their property? Maybe there are but seriously, there probably aren’t that many. However, you would be amazed to find there are! One of the blog’s I read daily is about Do It Yourself Lawn Care. It has a wealth of information and gives me plenty of ideas to write my own articles on.

People who read my blog and want more information can comment on the blog. I respond to their comments and this starts the sales process.

Toward the end of this year, I have seen an increase in the amount of people who have contacted me either by email, telephone or stopped me on a job requesting an estimate or wanting to purchase one of my organic lawn care products, I now have for sale. The economy downturn has created a whole new generation of do it yourselfers. I decided to capitalize on this by explaining, in my blog, how to do the job and offering the products to do the job right. If they have problems or get in over their head, they can always hire me to complete the job for them

As my website is getting more and more traffic, I find I am really enjoying the process of blogging to get customers. Replying to their comments and trying to get them to forward my articles to others. Try it yourself, you may find some great results too.”

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