When should I start my lawn care marketing?

Every year, lawn care business owners wonder when they should start their lawn care marketing. The simple answer to that question is that you should always be marketing in some way shape or form. A new lawn care business owner wanted to know more about this topic on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum when he wrote “when should I start to promote my lawn care business? Is it best in the early spring? Or do any of you follow a marketing plan to promote your business. Should I hit the same spots time after time or should I look to reach out to new areas? Should I go far from my current routes, or stay local and try to make my routes tighter?”

A veteran lawn care business owner shared “in my area one guy can put out 2,000 door hangers a day solo with no problem. What I try to do each year is put out 5,000 door hangers in mid to late February. Then I put out another 5,000 to the same places in March. If need be, I will hit the same ones again a month later.

On a single round of putting door hangers out here I can expect a 1-2% response. That’s a min of 50 call backs. If your lawn care hangers are real nice and have a price and offer discount of service, those call backs are more likely to be ready. If you can talk about your service and sound good doing it, you can close, close to all of them. If you can lock down 50 customers in a tight area, after that the rest will connect the hanger they got with your truck logo and the type of work you do. That will get you even more customers.

In my lawn care marketing material, I found that offering coupons improves my response rates. Sometimes I may offer 10% off design and install work. Other times I try a free mulch up to a yard with a yearly contract. The mulch is done at the end of the year so the customer has to pay me throughout the year and can’t bail on me. Experiment with different offers and see what works best for you.

I have found the trick to it all is to hit the same places more than once because of 2 things. Most prospects have to see your advertisements at least 3 times before they recognize it and it sticks in their mind. The other is brand recognition. If they get a few pieces of marketing material from you with your logo on it, they’ll remember it when they see your truck. If your quality is top notch then they will be more likely to call.

Another key point you have to keep in mind is that you want tight routes, that is where you will make your money. So if your doing 20,000 fliers a year, you don’t want to be going to far out to find new customers. Limit your marketing to your service area and stick to it. I would rather have a tight area that I hammer with marketing material until I the amount of work I want, than have to service customers all over the place wasting gas and my time.

So remember to start your lawn care marketing in mid February and then keep at it every 30 days until your good. In my area, if we even get a drop of rain, the grass starts growing in late February.”

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