What’s the quickest ways to pick up leaves?

As soon as early September, leaves start to fall from the trees. When this happens, customers start getting itchy to have these leaves removed. As a lawn care business owner, your job should be to find ways to minimize the time spent picking up these leaves in order for you to spend the least time on each property while maximizing your profit. But what leaf removal methods are the fastest? That is what one lawn care business owner questioned on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum when he wrote “What is the best and most efficient way to pick up leaves? Some of the yards that we maintain have heavy leaf fall. Any ideas on the best way to clean up the yard?”

One lawn care business owner wrote “The one method we use is blow the leaves onto a tarp and then lift it all into the truck to dispose of. If you don’t have that kind of space on your truck or trailer for all those leaves, here is another method. Mulch the leaves up first with your mower and then throw the bag on the lawn mowers and pick them up that way.”

Another lawn care business owner said “this is what we do for 95%+ of the yards. However, it does depend on your budget. It can be, to some, an expensive investment however how I have grown my company every year and enjoy setting the bar a little higher each year. What I have been doing is selling the client on having their leaves shredded and placed in a neat pile on their yard. It is working beyond my dreams.

The most profitable and efficient way I have found to do this is by having two Dr. Lawn Vacs running behind my tractors from sunrise to sunset. If due to the property, we can’t use the Dr Vac shredder, I pass as I am not interested in blowing and hauling.

I blow the leaves away from fences, out of mulch beds etc, drive over them with one of the tractors which has the Gator high lift mulching blades (twice). After explaining to the customer, the high nutrient value of the shredded leaves, the clients tend to want the mulched leaves left on the lawn, we offer an organic spray to decompose them faster. If you go over them twice they are really fine, in other cases we pull a sweeper and leave them in a pile.

If you get into offering organic sprays, you are looking at a 300%++ markup and trust me you will get it. We started offering these spray services in April and spray 169 clients. At every leaf job we upsell an organic compost accelerator and make a killing off of it.

Why simply profit from removing the leaves, when you can profit further with these upsells and not have to haul away and dispose of them!”

A third lawn care business owner said “what I do is blow all leaves out of the landscapes and hard surfaces and then run a bagger on my mower until the leaves completely fill it. Then I run over the rest of the lawn with the full bag acting as a mulching block which will chop up the rest of the leaves into dust and tiny pieces. I empty the bag when it is full and go over the lawn in a different direction. It fills up much less on the mulched up pieces than it does with full sized leaves. I empty as it fills this time around.”

These great ideas will give you more options when it comes to offering leaf cleanup services this fall and more ways to profit!

Most profitable leaf cleanup methods - GopherHaul 63 Lawn Care Customer Show

Most profitable leaf cleanup methods - GopherHaul 63 Lawn Care Customer Podcast

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