What every lawn care employee should be taught.

lawn mowerDo you ever wonder how much training your employees should be given? For instance , do they need to be trained on how to change belts? Or is that just something that would be too much for most of them?”

Tim: “All employee’s should be trained on every minor mechanical repair detail you can do in the Field. Belts, fixing flats, adjusting the drive alignments, changing oil, filters and keeping the equipment greased and blades sharpened. Most of this is VERY minor stuff and if not trained on it, they should be able to figure it out in minimal time.

Not only should they be trained on equipment repairs they should also be trained on how to properly operate the equipment they are using, to prevent unnecessary repairs and equipment brake downs. This includes all equipment, proper use of string trimmers, hand operated tools, right along with the mowing equipment. You would be surprised at how many people THINK they know how to run commercial grade equipment and as a BIG surprise to them they don’t.

I think every LCO should properly train there employee’s on how YOU want it done and used, everyone has there own way of doing things and I am one of those guys that want it done a certain way. Here is why; I have serviced EVERY customer multiple times and have tried different ways to do each of these customers and have already figured out the fastest and best way to get it done.

So in a nut shell YES I’m a firm believer in proper training in every aspect, EVERY NEW GUY rides shotgun with me before I send them out with any other crew. This way I feel better about other crews servicing my client.”

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