We fix cheap lawn care cuts.

Marketing should always be about promoting what you have and what others don’t. It should accentuate your positives and eliminate your negatives. We talk about this concept often on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and here is a great real world example of it being implemented.

A lawn care business owner wrote “In my area there are easily more than 100 lawn care companies. Many of the bigger lawn care companies are offering lawn mowing starting as low as $12 a cut even though the cost should be much higher. By offering lawn care so cheaply they are making it harder for the rest of us to survive. Most of these businesses hire undocumented workers whom they pay dirt cheap wages and throw them on a bunch of zero turn mowers.

I refuse to advertise based on price, I would much rather promote our quality of work. In an effort to separate my lawn care company from the rest of the pack I am designing a flyer based around the fact that we don’t use big riding mowers on your home.

I can show my customers the lawns that have been cut with the big zero turn mowers and they can see the difference. Besides the compact soil and tire marks, they also seem to leave too much uneven and scalped grass. For most residential yards a walk-behind is plenty of mower.”

lawn care flyer

lawn care flyer

That is a real fantastic marketing angle. If your competitors use big lawn mowers that they race across the lawns with, why not use the marketing angle that you use smaller mowers and offer a higher quality cut. This is brilliant.

I also like the big eye catching graphic of the mower with the red bar across it and the title ‘We Fix Cheap Lawn Cuts.’ It really grabs your attention and gets your message across.

How will you be distributing your lawn care flyer?

“I got 10,000 flyers printed up and I will be using a canvassing company to distribute them to local homes. I pay the company $.08 per flyer. One person on average can pass out 100 flyers per hour. Paying the $.08 per flyer is about the same as paying an employee $8 an hour. If you factor in your time supervising you actually save money going with a company. The company I work with can do 20,000 in one day. Just make sure you go with a reliable company (ASK FOR REFERENCES !!!) I’ve seen guys get burned by not doing their homework. If you choose a poorly run company they can just take your money and toss the flyers in the garbage, so be aware of this.

You can download this lawn care flyer template and edit it to fit your needs.

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