Should some lawn care marketing techniques be avoided?

Here are some lawn care marketing techniques that could help kick start your spring season. One lawn care business owner shared with us some of the things he is doing to attract new customers this year, on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. He wrote “I am starting my lawn business this year and I have been planning, brainstorming, and preparing for spring to get here. I had a budget all worked out with money I thought I was going to have but now as the time is here, I will have less money than I first thought so with buying some new equipment that is needed, insurance, etc. my advertising budget will be limited for a little while at first.

With my limited ad budget, here are my lawn care marketing plans so far:

1. Have business cards made.

2. Start running ads in local newspapers to get my name out.

3. Print my own flyers to hand out in my neighborhood.

4. Door Hangers, I want them professionally printed but I am not sure I can afford it.

5. Yard signs

Let me explain my plans with the yards signs a little more. I am only wanting 5 yard signs made, I am going to keep 1 or 2 with me at all times and set them out while at a customer job. I figure this along with the truck and trailer signage, should get me a lot more attention from people passing by.

My house is in a corner lot of busy street and I have a telephone pole at the corner. Many use this for the yard sale signs so I am going to mount a sign there as well. As you know the yard signs are fairly cheap and can moved or taken down if need be.

Also even if it does take me a day to self-print flyers, that is ok as I have the time. When the season finally gets under way I will have money coming in and I will have someone professionally print them for me.

I also may be putting coupon stickers on the back of my business cards. Instead of printing my own doorhangers I thought about taking my current flyer and reworking it a bit and putting 2 two a sheet like the doorhanger but leave a spot to place the sticker for the current specials, so I can use this flyer over and over and as I tweak specials, I can just place a new sticker on it.

Also to hang on the door I am going to hole punch one corner and use a rubber band. I have a couple of teenagers that I have to help me pass them out so I can make sure they get handed out correctly.

I have also checked with my local chamber of commerence and they do not have any other lawn care business owners listed as we are a small town. My thought is to register and go to each and every function that they have to get my name out.

I am also going to use the chamber to find my good will project for the year. I am planning to adopt an elderly person or couple in town and give them some free services. I have already talked with the local paper and they will print a little story about it about mid-Spring about the good will gesture and spring clean safety etc.

To get some commercial accounts, I will look through the yellow pages and call all of the apartments listed and ask for the fax#. Then I will fax them my current flyer. One of my friends who also runs his own lawn care business has done this and actually picked up several accounts one being the biggest account that he ever had!”

A second lawn care business owner shared “those all sound like great lawn care marketing ideas but I would suggest that you avoid using yard signs for a while, especially as a new lawn care business. You need some top notch work to place them in and I only put mine at my top notch accounts, unless you plan on just putting them on every corner. But keep in mind if you do that, that it’s not legal and most will think you do crap work if you do this.

I’m not sure how many fliers you plan to make but remember, they need to be nice. The time it takes you to print them at home could take all day to do a 1000.You’re gonna need at least that many to initially get the word out about your business.

I like your energy and creativity, especially when it comes to your good will project. My suggestion is to do a one time services for multiple people vs. a year’s worth of service for one person. That way you get a chance to plug into a lot of other people’s social networks by visiting these different homes and meeting these different folks.

Could you also potentially get other local businesses from your chamber of commerce to lend a hand and donate materials to possibly do monthly home makeovers? Or quarterly home makeovers?¬†That might help you get a lot of attention and build good will.”

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