Offering car wash incentives to get customers to sign up.

A lot of lawn care business owners have experiences and skills from others industries that may not seem to mesh with lawn care at first glance. With some creativity, they may end up meshing perfectly. Take for instance this new lawn care business owner who shared with us his story on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. He used to work as an auto detailer and found mixing his skills could attract new lawn care customers.

He wrote “for many years I have been a professional auto detailer and am now getting into the lawn and landscaping business. I still do some auto detailing and I enjoy it but it is too dependent on the weather. The weather plays a large role in how often the customer will want his car detailed. When I detail a boat or auto, I call the customer back in 3 months time to schedule their next wash and wax. But their response will depend on the weather or if they have time.

When I looked around at the top detailers in the industry alot of them are upselling wax at $50 to $60 per car. I don’t want to do that and I have found it is hard to find an employee who can put wax on an $80,000 Mercedes and get a swirl free job.

I would much rather sell a service, like lawn mowing, once and service it over and over again. To me I enjoy the game of marketing and offering top notch customer service and sales.

One of the marketing incentives I am using now is I offer new lawn care customers a free wash and wax after the first 4 cuts. Then after six months I give them a free auto detailing. This will only apply to my first 40 annual lawn care clients and that is it. I use a contract for 12 months work of yard work. Also I focus on full lawn service. Not peice meal stuff. The average lawn will cost $200/month which will include mowing, fertilization and weed control.

I would normally charge $65.00 per wash and wax. A full auto detailing would cost $140.00.

Time wise, it takes me and one helper about 1 hour on the wash and wax. For the full detail, it will take 2 hours. These services will be done in the evening and will be one time incentives.

When I do my marketing, I use a marketing company that can narrow my search to certain criteria to get leads for my ideal customer. These are the criteria I look for:

1. $60000 income and up. The reason behind this is they have extra income.

2. 1 or no kid, because their kids aren’t going to be cutting the lawn.

3. A credit rating of 670 or better, because they pay their bills.

4. A House value of $150,000-$600,000, because they have a decent size lawn in a nice neighborhood which will help attract other good customer.

5. They have lived in their house for more than 5 yrs. This shows stability.

6. Their age is between 32 and up.

These are only guidelines remember LIFE IS ABOUT PERCENTAGES. IT IS ALL ABOUT THAT 1% better today than we were a week ago.”

This is just one example of how an auto detailer was able to use his services to attract new lawn care customers. With a little creativity of your own, I am sure you can think of a unique incentive to offer new customers who sign up with your lawn care service.

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