Mulch and lawn care bid pricing example.

Here are some great pictures of a lawn care and mulch job a lawn care business owner shared with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Along with the pictures, he gave us some insight on how much he charged to perform this job. Compare this to jobs that you are looking to bid on if you need some help in comparing or coming up with your own prices.

He wrote “I just got this new lawn care customer to sign up for an annual lawn care contract. The contract is for seasonal lawn service at $165.00 per month to mow, trim, weeds, and edge.

I also was able to upsell the customer on a mulch job for $290.00. This job included 6 yards of mulch, including spreading the mulch. The bed prep was an additional $65.00, and spreading Preen was another $25.00. On average I can spread about 1 yard of mulch an hour so that made this mulch job about a 6 hour job. When you add the job up and divide by six hours, it comes out to close to $60 per hour. Not bad.

This yard has been neglected for the past few years, so I am also going to plant new seed and kill the weeds for him. I am looking forward to a great year!”

mulch and lawn care bid example 1

mulch and lawn care bid example 1

mulch and lawn care bid example 2

mulch and lawn care bid example 2

mulch and lawn care bid example 3

mulch and lawn care bid example 3

mulch and lawn care bid example 4

mulch and lawn care bid example 4

mulch and lawn care bid example 5

mulch and lawn care bid example 5

A second lawn care business owner said “you said that you made about $60.00 an hour. If you take the mulch cost which is about an average of $30.00 x 6 = $180.00 plus tax say about $190.00 total around here, then you add your cost of preen about $ 25.00, total all together is about $215.00 minus the $ 290.00 = $ 75.00 for work.

If you were working for six hours $75.00 / 6 = $12.50 an hour. Then you still have to add your time when you had to pick up the mulch from the place you bought it from. I don’t like to see you work so hard on a job and not make anything for yourself. Don’t forget you also have to take into account taxes, insurance and the other things you have to pay for to run your business.

I get $120 per yard of mulch installed. I don’t do it alone either, so I have help to pay and all the expenses that go along with that. If you are by yourself and you are happy with $40-$60 profit on the job then all the power to you. This job bid just goes to show you how important it is to take into account all of your operating costs before you bid. You did a great job, just make sure you are profiting from your hard work.”

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