Lawn care website search engine tips to improve ranking.

There are a few simple steps you can take to really improve the ranking of your website in search engine results. If you have already spent the time to get a lawn care website together, you really should implement these tips shared with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. A few minutes of your time editing your webpage code can really add up to a lot more profits over the year. Now let’s look at what you need to do.

One lawn care business owner wrote “Ranking high in search engine results is one thing, but getting clicks is something different. Of course the more search engine visibility you have, the more traffic you will get. Still, you need to ’sell the click’ in your description. This is something most every lawn care business owner misses and because they miss it, they loss money.

You need to use your webpage description as a ‘pre-qualifer’ by putting information in there that will help screen out the customers you don’t want. For instance, you could put your minimum price in the description. You don’t need traffic from people that only want to spend $10 on a lawn. Then after your minimum price you could state something to help sell the click and give web searchers a teaser to entice them to click on your link and read more.

I suggest selling the click with something exclusive for online visitors like ‘download 10% off coupon’ or ‘free online lawn care check list’ or ‘is your lawn care company making these common mistakes? Download our free report’.

The description that appears on search engines pulls text from your meta data on your home page code.

For example:

title-Atlanta Ga. Lawn Care Service-title
“Description” content=”Atlanta Ga. landscaping|lawn service. Estimates are always on time. Download free one week trial coupon! ”

Compare to this:

title-Bobs Lawn Care Service-title
“Description” content=”Bobs landscaping|lawn service. Mowing, weedeating, shrub pruning, clean ups ”

Let’s say Bob is #1 and Atlanta is #4. I would bet the farm that those looking for lawn care service in Atlanta will click on the Atlanta link at least double the amount of times Bob gets, even though Bob is listed first.

You have to be really careful when you are creating your title description because it can make or break you in the search engine results. You always need to remember that you have a limited amount of text to work with that will appear on search engine results and every character counts in helping you to sell the click.

So say as an example your webpage is currently set up to do this:

Title description says “Joe’s Lawn & Property Maintenance” . Google cuts off titles at 25 characters!!!
So to get a better bang for your buck, try “Joe’s Lawn|Atlanta GA”

Your description tag also should include your city. So instead of simply using “Lawn & Property Maintenance”.
Maybe add a city or two here as well.

Remember, you are not trying to rank for “Lawn and Property Maintenance”, you want to rank for “Lawn and Property Maintenance Atlanta GA”

Try these simple tips and you should see an uptick in visitors to your site.”

I hope this article helps, if it does, can you please forward it’s location, to two of your friends in the lawn care industry?

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