Lawn care website search engine optimization tips.

Do you have a lawn care website that you feel is just not ranking as high as you would like it to for key search words for your geographic location? There are some steps you can take to improve your rankings without having to go out and hire a search engine optimization service. Follow these steps from a discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and you will soon see your website rise in search rankings.

One lawn care business owner wrote “there are a lot of things you can do to help improve your website rankings in search engine results. Here are a few simple and easy to follow steps which should improve the amount of people visiting your lawn care website.

Let’s say you live in Atlanta and want to rank for ‘tree service atlanta.’ You should look to buy a domain with those words in it. If the domain is already owned by someone else, you could offer to buy it. The guy that owns that site, due to poor search engine optimization (like using HOME as a meta title and having little to no text) might be on page 6 of the search engine results for those search words and willing to sell it to you cheap.

Then, the smart entrepreneur that you are, you optimize it correctly and 30 days later, given the age of domain factor, you are number one with a bullet. It ain’t a fairy tale, I’ve seen it happen in way tougher markets than ‘lawn care.’

Try it. It’s worth the 30-45 minutes of looking.

Buy not only your ‘city lawn care’ domain, but also whatever else you do (sprinkler repair, landscape lighting, landscaping, etc.)

It will cost you (with privatization and always buy 2 years at a time to skip that Google spam filter) less than $25 on average per domain. Or you can always just get a free Word Press site not hosted on your server.

If you are in a big city, choose the small suburbs/satellite cities around the big city. Put one unique article on each site, keyworded to the site. Like ‘Your Town - 5 Tips to a Better Brick Paver Driveway’ or whatever.. You can even buy a articles for as little as $6 on article sites.

Join/use social markers and bookmark the site. Then take the EXACT same article and signup/post it to different article sites. Don’t worry about duplicate content, that only matters if you duplicate content on your main site.

THEN, take that same article and make a PowerPoint presentation out of it. Submit the PPT to a slide share site. If you don’t have MicroSoft Office, get a free similar version such as OpenOffice and do it with that.

Then buy screen capture software for $15 and using a $20 cheapo USB microphone read along with your PPT and submit it to the main podcast sites and the main video sites.

Using the social marker sites, bookmark all those links, i.e. articles, WP sites, videos, etc. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE BOOKMARKED.

THEN, take the RSS feeds of your bookmarks and submit them to rss feed sites. Ping ALL your bookmarks, articles, WP’s through different ping sites.

Chances are, in 3-4 weeks you will either BE on page one or OWN page one, depending on how good the competition is.

Put your keyword like “Your Town TX landscaping” in QUOTES into Google search. Then look at the number of returned sites (on the left). If it is under 50k you have a real good shot of the first pager very quickly (two weeks.) If it is under 10k you will kill it.

There ya go. Follow these steps and you will improve your rankings.

I know it sounds like a lot of work (4-5 hours), but it beats the hell out of driving around throwing plastic baggies into people’s driveways with rocks + flyers inside of them. It will also give you a much better return on your time and money spent.”

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