How to improve your website search engine rankings.

With each passing day more and more potential lawn care customers are looking to internet search engines for lawn care companies as those phone books are becoming a thing of the past. Knowing this will show you the importance of having a website but that is only the first step. You are also going to want to fine tune your website to show up on the top of the search engine results for the key words a potential customer types in when looking for your type of business.

A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us some search engine optimization techniques that will help improve your lawn care business website and get you ranked higher than your competitors. In search engine results, you want to appear as high as possible because those are the websites that are looked at first and those are the businesses that are called first.

Here are some of the tips he suggested “here are the top 5 search engine optimization tips you can do:

1. Optimize TITLE Tag. Your title tag should include phrases such as “Target City + Landscape Company”, and/or “Target City + Landscaping Company.”

Keep in mind: TITLE Tag: - should be no more than no more than 75 characters in length **

2. META description tag should look like this: *** No more than 150 characters. Include your most important key phrases within.

3. Repeat your important keywords within the “content” (text) of your page.

4. Optimize each page on your website seperately. Do not repeat the same title and meta tags throughout every page of the website. A page about pavers should be optimized for “Chicago Pavers” not “Chicago Landscape Company”. Each page is like it’s own website.

5. Do not build your site in all flash. Make sure your text is text and not just fake text imbedded within images. Don’t use frames either. Any of those three things will prevent your website from being read by the search engines.

6. Stop stressing the meta keywords tag, search engines including google do not read them anymore because they have been abused too much in the past.

7. Add quality links from places like,, yahoo local, The more links you get back to your site the better. When possible include keywords in “anchor text” in other words.

But more importantly, directories like yahoo (who don’t allow anchor text actually technically) are more important because of how old and important the directory is considered. It’s like an electoral vote for your website.

Here are some more FREE things you can do. Instead of those directories most of which are paid directories, you can get links from websites like Write articles and you get 1-2 links in each article back to your website. Also,, are good too. Usfreeads is another good one. for press releases you can create press releases and get a link back to your website for $1 each. Also create profiles in social media platforms like facebook, twitter,, and create a link back to your website there. The more links…. the better!

If you are looking to read more about this topic, the best book on this topic hands down is “SEO For Dummies.” As corny as it sounds it’s a GREAT book.

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