How to improve your lawn care craigslist ad.

Coming up with a lawn care ad that works can be a very daunting task so when you see an ad that has already proven itself, it may be worthwhile to experiment with using it yourself. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one business owner shared with us his winning ad design and how he came up with the idea.

He wrote “I have been trying to get some new lawn care clients through craigslist but so far I have only gotten spam. So I took some time and made a better ad and it really helped. I used to do ads in just plain text but then found out that craigslist allows you to use some HTML and adding that made a big difference. I posted the ad yesterday and got 20 responding emails by this morning! Out of those responses, I have already visited two potential job sites today and landed both as monthly mowing client along with putting in a new lawn for one. I will go to see another two tomorrow. So I’d say the ad is working well for me.

The ad worked so well on craigslist that I am making a similar flyer. I got the idea for the ad by listening to the complaints of my new lawn care customers. I would say that 75% of the clients I have, at one time or another, have told me that they had previously had someone else doing their work but they just stopped showing up. When they called the lawn care business owner, all they got was no answer and no call back. They also told me they were dissatisfied with the services they were getting. Most of the previous lawn care business owners seemed to show up and were out so quickly that they just couldn’t do a good job. From all that feedback, I thought there must be others customers out there like that, looking for something better. Especially here in my area where there seem to be a lot of trunk slammers.

I did my books for this month the other day and figured out this was the first month of the year that I have made a profit. Now that I have more clients, things are looking even better. What has helped me out is that I am licensed and insured and I am willing to do extra work others won’t or can’t do. Because of the quality of work I do, I have clients asking me to do extras for them. Last month I installed 2 fences, a sprinkler system, a patio and a porch. These are the services that help me make the bigger money and what I want to get more of. I have gotten another 3 more estimates to do all from client referrals.

You can download my lawn care flyer and see my craigslist ad here.

Here is some of what I included in my ad.

CALL Joe’s Lawn Care Now

Missing From:  Your Lawn
Date Missing:  3-4 weeks ago
Age:  Unknown

Gardener was last seen 3-4 weeks ago mowing your lawn. He came by and did a quick 10 minute job and then left leaving behind a poorly kept lawn. Attempts to reach him on the phone have been unsuccessful. Voice messages left are never returned. He may show up again if he feels like it but his quality will never increase.

We specialize in personal service that fits your unique landscaping needs. We take pride in knowing your home has superior curb appeal with a backyard paradise you can relax in and enjoy.

Call now for a free estimate.

Save 10% off
On any monthly service with pre-pay”

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