How to acquire a line of credit from your local nursery.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get an agreement with a local nursery to allow your lawn care and landscaping business the ability to purchase plants and materials throughout the month and not have to pay each time? There are plenty of reasons why having a line of credit from a nursery is helpful. One reason is, your business may have cash flow problems and you would prefer not to purchase plants until you get paid from your customer. But how do you do this when you won’t get paid from them until the end of the month? As we see in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, a line of credit may be the answer.

One lawn care business owner wrote “how can I go about securing a line of credit from my local nursery? Is there a sample letter on here that I could use to aquire credit with nurseries? I’m looking for something I could write up and send out to different nurseries and try and get credit with them on plants and products at wholesale pricing.”

A second lawn care business owner replied “I have credit with Home Depot and 3 nurseries here in town. One is usually more expensive but they have better quality. I use them as much as I can, but some customers just can’t afford it. So I use the other 2 for some less expensive things if I need to.

To get my line of credit, I went to the local nurseries and just talked to the manager. They sat down with me and worked things out. I had to use my own personal credit history to get it because it was new business but I did get some credit from them. It was very limited to start out but over time they have let me increase it.”

A third landscaping business owner shared “I only have credit with one nursery outside of town. It’s the biggest nursery near by and only sells to business… no individuals. If a customer wants something that another nursery has, then I buy it from there and charge what that nursery charges. Which is more than my nursery because I get contractor’s pricing.

Having a credit line with different suppliers is a good idea if they are spread out throughout your area. Where I live, I have 3 credit lines with different suppliers. they charge about the same for their products and I use whichever is closest to where I’ll be working at so as to save me time.

I think the best way is to go to the nursery and ask for a line of credit for your company. They will have you fill out an application. Most likely they will have you held personally liable for the credit line if your company is new.

You can also, call them up and they will probably ask you to stop by and pick up an application or send you one.

Writing a letter is probably the slowest way of doing it buy you could try something like this:

Dear Nursery,

My name is ______________ owner of _______________ company. (then talk about your company: … How many years you have been in business. The expected amount of business you have dealing with plants, etc.)

I was inquiring about setting up a credit line for my landscaping company. Please send me more inforamtion as to what is needed. You may reach me at 444-444-44444 or email me at ……@…

Thank you for your time and consideration.

some lawn care company

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