Getting 80% of your new lawn care customers online.

Have you been finding it difficult to get new lawn care customers? Some members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum have been using online classified ad sites like craiglist to fill up their mowing schedules with fantastic results. One member even showed us how he is getting 80% of his new customers through craigslist. Let’s take a deeper look into how they do it.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I pull 80% of my new business from Craigslist. Here is the most recent ad I am using.

Title: We do one thing and we do it RIGHT - Your Property

Joe’s Landscaping is dedicated to bringing the highest quality service to your property. We let you pick what services you want and we do it with pride.

We offer:
Weed Eat
Compost Set up and Maintenance
CHEMICAL FREE ORGANIC SPRAYING (kid and pet safe, all edible)
Installs and Landscaping, ZeroScaping, Mulching
Tree Trimming / Palm Trimming
Hurricane Service (24/7 before, during and after)

We love to make long lasting relationships with all of our home and property owners.

We use all the best blades and lines.
Smokeless Oils
Corn FREE Fuel

All of our equipment is kept up to par. We charge the lowest price in the area for labor jobs to save you money. Low over head allows us to run low labor.

Locally owned, managed and operated.

Licensed, Insured, Certified

We file taxes and don’t low ball.

Please contact us at555-1234.

A second lawn care business owner shared “for anyone interested you can go to a bunch of sites and create a free HTML ad for Craigslist. Many of these sites also have custom ads available also for a fee but their free ones work just as well.

You can put your own logo and info in the templates they have and change the position around. There HTML creator is a lot like using a web page designer and is very easy to use. They even let you store your ads so you can use them again. Once you have created your ad, you simply copy the HTML code and paste it in Craigslist. I have had great success with using html ads. The graphics tend to really stand out.

Which category you place your ad on these sites matters just as much as what your ad consists of. I had experimented listing my ad under the service section on CL all summer and had zero calls from it.

I have also experimented with plain text ads versus html ads. I put the plain text ads under farm & garden and haven’t gotten a lot of response. The HTML ones under farm & garden have made me busy. I also have posted 2 ads under labor section. These have not been as good. I have gotten a few calls but I think that they may have been flagged on craigslist as spam and then got deleted.”

A third lawn care business owner shared “here is what I use for my text ad. It’s pretty successful for me. I have averaged 2-3 calls a week from it in Spring and Early Summer with this ad.

YOUR TOWN Lawns would like to offer you something that is rare today. We would like to provide you with a dependable, professional, quality service at an affordable price.

Our goal at YOUR TOWN Lawns is to make our clients happy at all times. With each satisfied customer, we enhance our reputation for creativity, professionalism, dependability, and bend over backward service. That is why we would love to make you another one of our satisfied customers.

YOUR TOWN Lawns specializes in all aspects of lawn care. We service numerous residential and commercial clients in the YOUR TOWN area, with each client receiving the personal attention they deserve.

We understand that your home and its landscape are one of your biggest investments. We also understand the importance of having your property look its best at all times.

We realize that it can be very difficult to find lawn and landscape service providers who you can trust and count on. We are very serious when we say we are dedicated to pleasing you. In fact, we are so certain we can make you happy, we guarantee our work.

Call now for a free estimate – xxx-xxx-xxxx
Serving YOUR TOWN for over 5 years now.

I will also use html ads with the following graphics. Don’t forget when using graphic ads to include text keywords at the bottom of the ad, including the towns you service, zip codes and the services you offer.

I use the following headlines along with these graphic ads.

“Springtime is here, flowers blooming everywhere.’ or ‘Let’s get Mowing!’”





So experiment with your online classified ad lawn care marketing. Try different kind of ads. Create some that are text based while you also try graphical html based ads as well. Then experiment with the different categories you put place your ads under. Some of these variables will produce better results than others and you will only know which ones work best for you after you experiment a little.

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