Get more lawn jobs with this real estate agent letter.

Have you been trying to land more jobs through real estate agents? It can have the potential to become very lucrative for you. One letter can lead to new contacts. These new contacts can lead to new jobs! Once you get in with a realtor, they tend to call you over and over again for work they need. You also get a great opportunity to continue working on the property when the home is sold. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us his marketing letter he sends out to realtors.

He wrote “I recently decided to expand my marketing to reach out to local realtors. I am very optimistic in this marketing strategy. In a package, I send a flyer, business card and this letter to them.

here it is:

To Whom It May Concern:

With today’s economy and the downfall of the housing market, it is difficult at best to sell a home. Why not improve your chances? It is very important that the client perceives the home they may buy in a positive manner. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. The first impression a client has of a home will set the tone for the sales process.

With so many obstacles to overcome when trying to sell a home, why not take a simple step to alleviate many of them with one simple call? We will make sure the client is impressed by what they see. Review your inventory of homes. Ask yourself, how is the curb appeal for these different houses? Are they overrun with weeds? Is there vegetation growing out of the gutters?

If so, maybe it is time you took a walk around each home and made a list of the problem areas you discovered. The first thing we would do is perform a yard clean up and repair visible issues. Next we can put some time into projects that will make the home’s grounds more attractive to a buyer.

• We can power wash any mold or mildew that is growing on the side of the house, roof, sidewalks, decking, or driveway.
• Stow away unnecessary garden implements and tools.
• We can clean out the gutters and clean the windows.
• Remove vegetation that may be growing between concrete or bricks

• Treat the weeds and mow the lawn.
Edge the sidewalks, beds and lawn borders.
• Trim tree limbs that are at eye level or near the home’s roof………”

Having a solid background in sales, I realize the importance of this as I’m sure you do. There are many lawn care/landscaping companies available for you to do business with today. How do you choose one? You need to find a company that is both licensed and insured, as we are. A company that offers top quality work, is reliability, and all at a reasonable price. For more information please call us and visit us on the web to see what we have to offer.

Thank You,

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