Does radio advertising work for lawn care businesses?

Once your business name and number get into the local phone book or newspaper, you can be sure a radio advertising salesman will soon try and get a hold of you. They will promise your message will reach out to thousands of listeners just waiting to hear what you have to say. Sure the cost may be expensive, but they will certainly reaffirm to you that it is worth it. So what should you do? Should your lawn care business advertise on the radio? That is a great question which was discussed on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and we certainly got some great responses.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’ve decided to try something different. If it doesn’t work I can still tell my friends that I was on the air baby! Haha.

I have been in contact with a radio advertising salesperson & she gave me a lot of information on radio advertising.

The Price
30 seconds x 1 = $220

You can choose how long your advertisement is, but she said a 30 second spot is the most common one used. The price range of air time on your local radio stations might be lower or higher. It can greatly differ depending on your area.

She recommended that my ad should air sometime around Easter that my phone number should be repeated at least 2x in the ad. I suppose you send them the script, and they have people read & record it, then air it. Now I know it’s a ton of money for a new lawn care business owner, especially for a 1 time ad but should I try it out? It sounds promising and if I only get 1% of the listeners to sign up, it will most certainly be worthwhile.”

One lawn care business owner said “my suggestion is to do some research. In my time, I have run a few very large businesses with large marketing departments and in various industries. In my experients the results from radio were poor at best.

However do some research on the best type of advertising in your area as you may find your money will be better spent elsewhere.”

A second lawn care business owner wrote “I agree. My lawn care company ran experimented with radio advertising in a medium sized market for several seasons. I kept detailed (cost/customer dollar) acquisition analyses. The results I received were less than the same avertising budget spent on other media.

Luckily, the majority of my radio advertising has been in exchange for lawn care services. So, my main actual expense has been labor only. Contact your local radio station managment (not the sales agents.) They will likely barter with you. But in my experience, it’s just not worth it.”

A third business owner said “why would you bother with radio advertising when you can create some flyers and utilize inexpensive marketing methods. Early on, you have to really stretch your advertising dollars. Don’t waste $200 on a one time ad. Do you have any idea how many flyers and business cards you can get printed for that same amount?

I have done radio advertising a few times and received no results. I personally think of radio and tv advertising as something that disappears as quickly as you are done speaking.

Don’t waste your money. Radio sucks. It’s all about vanity. Just the way you phrased your question is exactly why people advertise on the radio. To be on the air. It’s all vanity. You need to focus your marketing message and hit the specific customer base you need to hit. What % of the listening audience are going to be home owner decision makers?I will tell you how many, very few!

And when was the last time you heard a single radio ad and picked up the phone? I bet it was never!

Work your local area with flyers, business cards, craigslist, and meet as many people as you can. Create your own buzz on the street and save your money.”

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