An add on service that brought in more customers.

We are always looking for more services to add, if they will bring us more customers or more money. Sometimes, to offer these services, we need to buy expensive equipment that may take quite a long time to recoup the costs. But here is a great add on service, suggested on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, that your lawn care business can offer today with no additional costs to get started with and little extra training.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I started a lawn care business about six years ago. To expand on the services I offered, increase my profits and reach out to new potential clients, I decided to offer re-screening and glass work services.It’s such a great service to offer too. Think about how many times you busted a window or a screen at your house. How did you fix it? It can be a real pain in the butt to fix yourself and it’s also difficult trying to find someone that offers the service. Not too many businesses out there could survive on re-screening and glass replacement services alone so it’s a hard service to find.

The upside of the business for me is that it helps me get more lawn customers and fix other things for them around the house. I charge a minimum of $45 for one screen panel. After that I charge a dollar a square foot.

The downside for the service is that it can be busy one week and slow the next. Offering lawn care as well, helps fill in the slow time and its steady work.

For the glass services, I charge a little more. It’s usually around $65.00 for the average size window. I also can offer the customer full window screens and can make new ones if their current frames are bent.

The lawn and screen/glass business is a nice combination. If I see something around the house that I can fix, I let the customer know and fix it while i’m there. It really saves me time which equates to a larger profit per stop. For the customer, it saves them a trip to the store or endless phonecalls.

So as you are at your customer’s homes mowing their lawns, be on the look out for torn screens or broken windows. If you see anything wrong with their windows, speak up and offer to fix them. Also, don’t forget to hand out a few business cards to your current customer base for referrals. One last tip is, include a line at the bottom of your monthly invoices to keep the customer in the loop that you are now offering re-screening and glass replacement. You will be amazed at how offering this service can really be a key to attracting new customers and more profits.”

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