A free marketing method to get more lawn care customers.

You can never have enough marketing ideas written down to experiment with. As you try them, you will find some work well for you while others may not. Continue your marketing experimentation with the ones you find that work. Change one variable about them and try again. See if you got better or worse results because of that. Keep this cycle going and you will find real killer marketing techniques.

A veteran lawn care business owner, shared with us one of his big lawn care marketing secrets on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that you may want to add to your list of marketing ideas. He wrote “I have been running my lawn care and landscaping service now for about 8 years and have tried many things to get new customers. Not all have worked, but here is one that has.

I have found this marketing idea to generate a ton of business for me and it cost nothing at all !! This is a big secret of mine that I have found works great and gets me a lot of work. First what I do is I around my town or city I offer lawn care services and I pick up as many real estate magazines as I find. They are usually outside restaurants, shopping malls etc. They will be in little boxes marked Free real estate magazines. I then go through all the magazines and write down the email addresses to as many realtors as I see in there. You will find them inside the magazines on each realtor’s advertisement.

Next I go into word or my email program and write a short but sweet message. I try to keep it between 5 to 7 sentences. The message will discuss how I can save the realtor money this upcoming year and keep there properties ready to sell at all times by using my awesome lawncare business !! I save the body of the email and just go in and change the name each time I send it to a different realtor.

Depending on the number of contacts you find, this will take a few hours to pull off but I think it’s well worth it and it cost me nothing to do.

I have found I get a ton of business of doing this one thing marketing technique alone. Sometimes I get lucky and get in with a BIG realtors that sell millions per year. With such realtors, you can stay super busy off this one account alone.

I have one realtor I have been working with for years now and just off of her account alone I got 12 new houses and some commercial buildings as well. All for free and all from one simple email! That’s how it started with me and it’s been growing ever since.

Another great idea is to do this same marketing strategy but target PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANIES in your city or town. They manage properties for other people and owners (homes, apartments, rental property, office buildings, manufacturing plants etc). Do the same steps as above and watch the business come in !!”

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