A few lawn care marketing methods you should try.

At the beginning of every lawn mowing season, we seem to get innundated with request for marketing ideas. Here are a bunch of lawn care marketing methods a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us and I think will help you. Try implementing one or a few of these methods this year and see if they help your business grow.

“This past year my lawn care business had a pretty good year. From the profits I made, I was able to finally get all my lawn care equipment paid for and even had some profits left over to put into the bank.

At the start of this year I noticed I had lost a few year round clients and a bunch of customer that got other services. To counter this loss I was thinking of using direct mail marketing to target ‘new movers.’ Most people around here are very loyal to the current lawn care provider, which is a good thing. I am hoping by targeting people new to the area, I might be their first local lawn care provider and develop a good relationship with them. This is just one of the avenues I am trying to get customers close to my home.

The printing company I am working with will be printing and sending out a full color/full gloss double sided post card. It will measure 8″ x 6″. They do all the design work and such. I was also considering joining the local chamber of commerce to try and network with other local business owners. I figure that should be able to generate some good leads there.

I am of the opinion that you have to provide a strong offer in your marketing in order to get a good response. Direct mail return rates can be low and without having a ‘call to action,’ you are just throwing your money away. I think that is why a lot of people are sour on this type of marketing. It’s hard to find a good offer that will drive calls to you, but won’t break the bank. Free is usually best (and not just a free estimate), but I can’t do that. I may offer a % off the first months invoice. Maybe free lawn treatment when you start service? I’m not sure yet.
In the past I have offered 10% off landscape work. Another offer I used was 20 bags of mulch for free with an annual lawn care agreement. Also, I promoted one month of free lawn care for every client they refer that’s of equal or greater value

Through my marketing experimentation I have found my response rate seemed to be about the same whether I used flyers or door hangers. By far, the best return on my marketing dollar was with my referral program. The 1 month of free lawn care per each referral works out to less than $10 bucks a month for a $1,200 + a year house. Any one that can bring me $14,200 a year in lawn care contracts can get 30 min free a week anytime. That’s 12 new clients for a free year. I don’t sound bad to me nor to the customers who use it.

Another way I may experiment this year with marketing to new movers is when someone purchases a home the Realtor, they normally give them a welcome packet. If I contact a few realtors, I know I can get find a way to get my flyers into those packets. I will have to supply the fliers and such but it may be a cheaper and possibly more effective way to do this.

One last way that I promote my lawn care business is all my clients get their invoices via email so I just tag on my referral program at the end of their bill. Truly, word of mouth/referral has always brought me the best customers. It’s just something you can’t buy and you really need to push for if you want to take your business to that next level.”

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