Show us your lawn mowing stripes.

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and seen some lawns that really strike you as amazing! You look at them and ask yourself how the heck can the lawn care business owner do such a great job. Well I felt that way when Sean posted some of his striped lawn photos in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

Can you imagine working on the neighbors lawn and having your customer say, I want my lawn looking like that one over there! WOW. Well lucky enough for us, Sean shared with us a little how he works such magic.

Lawn Stripes

Lawn Stripes

Sean wrote “These lawns are done with my 52 everride scorpion fixed deck. I have a homemade stripe kit on my lawn mower. Believe it or not it is a push broom head under the suspension platform I stand on. So when I am on it, it automatically goes down into position! I have also tweaked my deck pitch for just the right rake. I get a lot of compliments from my work. I love my mower!!”

Great work Sean, you have set the bar a lot higher for all of us to try and achieve.

Here are some of his lawn photos.

Lawn Stripes

Lawn Stripes

Lawn Stripes

Lawn Stripes

Lawn Stripes

Lawn Stripes

Lawn Stripes

Lawn Stripes

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