Lawn care marketing tips to bring you more business.

Trial and error can be a great way to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t in the business world. If you don’t have the time or money to experiment, you need to read and learn what results are working for other lawn care business owners. Here is a great example from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum of lawn care marketing methods one business owner used and found success with. You can utilize some or all of these ideas and see how they improve your marketing results.

One business owner wrote “I was driving around an area that I wanted to do more business in and I had a lawn care marketing idea. As I was looking at the different homes in the area I thought to myself what is it I could do for each of them. Then it struck me, a lawn care flyer probably would not work to market to these homeowners. In my experience, people generally don’t read them. Business cards are great and I have them but they don’t say enough and people lose them. Anyhow I made a list services I could offer and came home.

Then I started searching the Internet for ideas and came across a printing company whose rates were excellent. I saw they printed post cards of various sizes and I thought to myself, what if I designed a post card for every service I offered? That way I could probably get the owners attention and they would know I wasn’t simply driving by and dropping off a business card. Instead, they would see that I saw a need and I could fill it.

With this in mind I had a bunch of different post cards made. I now carry these in leather pouches that I put on every machine I use. There are 12 of each postcard design in every pouch. In the trucks I have a plastic 4 X 6 holder with a much larger supply of post cards as I tend to get a lot of people who walk by and want a card. I know the post cards are large but the feedback I am getting has been very positive. People tend to hold onto them for quite some time and don’t lose them.

As a further marketing experiment, I had fridge magnets made too. One is for snow plowing and one for lawn mowing. They are short and basically list my company name and contact information. I choose these services for the magnets because they tend to be the most used services and many people will want to have my number easily available for such on call services.

I can also tell you being able to receive emails out in the field from my website, has brought me a lot of business, simply because I am very quick to respond.

I think what makes this lawn care marketing method work is it’s personal touch. I am not just selling the company, I am selling a specific service you need and I can help you out. I started off with 100 of each but went through some so fast that I had to get them reprinted, so now I have a really good supply of each. When I had these out to homes that need a specific service, I prefer to do it in person, however if they are not home I will leave the post card on their door.

Clients do sometimes ask why I use such a big post card. I tell them two reasons. The first is that it is harder for you to lose them and some of our clients are older so it’s easier to read than a business card. The fridge magnets are a big hit because, as you know, we are in the fridge a few times a day. It just keeps you in the eye of the client.

The bottom line is you have to spend money to make money. It doesn’t really cost that much to print and my post cards have paid for themselves many times over. I have yet to see anyone else in the area doing it.

To have that top of mind awareness and be the customer’s first choice, we have to do things others are not doing which is another reason why I do not do flyers. It seems every tom, dick and harry are using flyers. We have to be different to stand out and there are many ways to do this.

All of what I do comes from years of trial and error. Sometimes the results of what I try are so shocking I have to change my way of thinking and incorporate some of these new methods.”

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