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How to get fall leaf clean up customers.

When mowing season starts to slow down, leaf clean up services can pick up. There is quite a bit of money to be made in the fall that can help you get through the slower winter month, but how do you go about getting customers for such services? Also is there a most profitable way [...]

45 lawn care customers in your first year can be too much.

Everyone dreams of having more lawn care customers than you can handle. But what happens when that dream comes true? Problems can and will arise because of it. Then you can find yourself swamped, running in every different direction, constantly trying to put out fires. That is what happened to this one lawn care business [...]

How to specifically target an area for lawn care services.

Doing a quality job has got to be one of your best calling cards when it comes to lawn care. Whether you are onsite or not, a lush green and landscaped lawn will grab attention and speak volumes about your lawn care business. In this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one member [...]

Should you email market to real estate agents?

Email marketing is a real simple way of reaching out to new potential customers, but is it worthwhile? That is what one business owner questioned on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Interestingly enough, another lawn care business owner who is also a licensed real estate agent, responded with some insight that will surely help [...]

How to market your gutter leaf cleaning services.

To market gutter leaf cleaning services, you have a lot of different methods to choose from. Which marketing method will work and which won’t? Well, you will never truly know for sure what works best in your area until you experiment with different techniques, but here is a great discussion from The Gopher Lawn Care [...]

New lawn care business e-books available.

I just got two of my lawn care business books available online as e-books which you can read on your portable devices and with the kindle book reader.
Check them out. They are full of great lawn care marketing tips.
How To Get Customers For Your Landscaping And Lawn Care Business All Year Long. Vol 1.

Paperback version.
eBook [...]

When to start your spring lawn care advertising.

If you have been in the lawn care business for a few seasons, you probably have developed your own way to know when it is time to send out your spring marketing material. Time seems to be pretty crucial when it comes to sending this marketing material out. If you send it out too early, [...]

Hardscape and irrigation job bidding & marketing tips.

We all wonder what are those successful lawn care business owners doing that makes them so successful? Sometimes a little tip here or there can really help get your business on the right track to make good money. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, shared with us some of his secrets and [...]

8,000 lawn care customers and want more, but how? Pt.2

To continue on with our discussion on direct mail marketing from the post on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum a member wrote about her attempts to help push her lawn care business past the 8,000 customer number.
She wrote “The 300K mailings we send out per year is not 100% targeted. I would say [...]

8,000 lawn care customers and want more, but how? Pt.1

Talk about a big lawn care operation. This one business has the size to surely dwarf most of it’s competitors in the area. They are now servicing 8,000 lawn care customers over a wide area but have hit a wall. Provided below is a great inside look at how a large lawn care business markets [...]

3,500 lawn care business postcards mailed and how many results?

Have you ever sent out quite a bit of lawn care marketing material and gotten lack luster results or no results at all? It happens. What is really difficult about this is if you are just starting out and you spend a lot of money on marketing and then get nothing in return, you might [...]

Your lawn care business direct mail can vary greatly within a single town.

Are you sending out the same piece of direct mail multiple times per year to the same area? Well our friend Tom made a good point here in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that your lawn care business direct mail pieces can actually vary quite a bit if you pay attention to the needs [...]

How to get customers for your lawn care business - New Lawn Care Business Book

One of the top questions asked on the Gopher Forum is how to get new customers. Well I wanted to answer this question as best as possible and I put together two new books. If you are looking to gain more lawn care customers this Summer and who isn’t, check out my brand new books [...]

Mailing list tips for your lawn care marketing material.

This is such a great discussion on the ins and outs of using mailing lists, I just had to include this discussion. Keith: “Chestin, In a previous thread, you spoke a bit about lists.
I am genuinely interested in this subject. Properly marketing a list is an art, I know.
I want to tap your knowledge on [...]