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Lawn of the Month marketing campaign.

Here is a lawn care marketing idea that could use to attract new business with little investment.
What if you created a lawn of the month contest. Create a yard sign that says lawn of the month and each month pick a different lawn you service to become the lawn of the month. Stick the yard [...]

Fall leaf clean up marketing idea with inflatable halloween decorations.

You could even take this idea one step further and put up an inflatable halloween display on your property and maybe at the home of your family or friends in town too to help promote your services further.
Join this discussion at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.
Use a stencil on the inflatable display.

Afterwards, you have [...]

Fall leaf clean up lawn sign ideas.

How cool would it be if you could get a whole bunch of these fall leaf clean up lawn signs? Have them cut into the proper shape and then insert them through out the neighborhoods you service.

It would be a really neat and visual way to offer your fall leaf lawn clean up services.

Here is [...]

Outdoor Halloween decorations and lawn care marketing idea.

I think Halloween is a great time to be doing outdoor decorations. One of the things you could do this season is really decorate your own property and front door. Then stick a Halloween decoration yard sign in your front lawn along with many other yards in your area. It would be really quick and [...]

Run for president and gain media attention on yourself and your business.

In the past we talked a little about this idea.
If you put up lawn signs along the road and they are for your lawn care business, they will get pulled. But what if you were running for president? Your lawn signs would stay up and the local media would want to know all about what [...]

Market and promote your lawn care business with a pumpkin painting day!

This October, why not have a pumpkin painting day in your neighborhood. You could either charge a couple of bucks to the parents per pumpkin, or even better would be to just do it for free as a way to build up good public relations in your area.
Create yard signs to promote this. Maybe ask [...]

How to get customers for your lawn care business - New Lawn Care Business Book

One of the top questions asked on the Gopher Forum is how to get new customers. Well I wanted to answer this question as best as possible and I put together two new books. If you are looking to gain more lawn care customers this Summer and who isn’t, check out my brand new books [...]

What are some ideas to get new lawn care customers?

I liked this post because it focused on the difficulties new start up lawn care business owners find while trying to get their first few customers.
David: “What are some good ideas to hook some new customers???
I have put up flyers at all the local stores, businesses and put them on car windshields in parking lots. [...]

A creative lawn care marketing idea. Lawn mower signs.

I thought this was a really creative idea. One of our Gopher Lawn Care Forum embers, Rick, created a bracket and mounted this yard sign onto the back of his mower. Now when he is towing his trailer around town, this sign on his mower will be see by everyone. It will also be seen [...]

Using lawn care signs to market your business

Can you imagine creating your own marketing lawn sign, similar to what Tru-Green has created?
Then you fill in your information and insert them up and down every street, you want to service. It would be faster to do this than to have to walk up to each and every door. It would also make a [...]