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Thinking of offering a free landscape project to promote my business.

When it comes to promoting your lawn care business, you can either spend your time or your money. When you are limited on time, you can spend money to get your marketing message out. When you are limited on money, you can spend your time. If you choose to do this as we will see [...]

Festival of Christmas Trees marketing idea.

Here is a great way to reach out to your community, build great bonds, and attract new customers. Host a Festival of Trees! This is a great lawn care marketing idea shared on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

New lawn care business e-books available.

I just got two of my lawn care business books available online as e-books which you can read on your portable devices and with the kindle book reader.
Check them out. They are full of great lawn care marketing tips.
How To Get Customers For Your Landscaping And Lawn Care Business All Year Long. Vol 1.

Paperback version.
eBook [...]

Lawn care business cook off marketing ideas.

Combining your love of multiple interests can really help set you apart from competitors and give you a unique marketing angle that is all your own. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum was doing just that when he wrote us about a local outdoor cooking competition he was taking part in and [...]

Lawn care customer sales funnel.

Have you spent much time thinking about your lawn care customer sales funnel? Many newer lawn care businesses don’t think about this so I thought it would be a good idea to bring it to their attention.
What is a sales funnel? Well think of it as a big scoop. You want to go out there [...]

Free Lawn Care Business Website Template Design.

I was contacted by Matt on the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Forum and we worked out this great deal to give away one free Lawn care business website makeover. I am really excited about this. Let me turn this over to Matt to tell us what he is offering.
Complete Lawn Care Business Website Makeover
Sponsored by [...]

Ideas for marketing your lawn care business at a home show.

Most area have local events like home shows where vendors can get together to promote their products or services for the home. If you really want to be a hit at the home shows, consider these marketing ideas.
Justin wrote “I got a letter in the mail from the local municipal office and I was wondering [...]

Rainbird’s $10,000 competition

I got a notice from Rainbird and thought that I would pass it on to all of you. Maybe this is something you are interested in taking part.

GopherHaul 19 plus great lawn care marketing ideas.

Hello and welcome to GopherHaul 19 – Lawn Care Entrepreneur Business Show.

In this episode we will be talking about

Please continue to submit your pictures for our outdoor holiday lighting contest.;f=8;t=6159;

Our lawn care business forum member of the month is Tim.

Tim has shared with us three new contracts including a lawn cutting contract, a full [...]

FREE Flyer, door hanger and postcard GIVEAWAY!

Do you have a wild or different marketing idea for your lawn care business?
If you do, jump on our forum here and post it. You don’t have to create the actual image, just describe it. There will be two winners of either flyer, door hanger or postcards printed and shipped to you!
Here is a wild [...]