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Easter promotion ideas for your lawn care business.

Happy Easter to all of you. As business owners, we can take each holiday and use it to promote good will within our community and promote our lawn care business. All we need to do is add a touch of creativity and from where there was nothing, a new promotional idea can sprout. Such an [...]

Marketing your lawn care business outward from the center.

With the economy taking a down turn, there are going to be many new opportunities for entrepreneurs to get started with their own business. A lot of times people will think about starting their own business but if they have a full time job, the job will most likely take priority over starting a business. [...]

Positive press is good for your lawn care business.

Positive press can have a tremendous influence on how the public perceives you and your business. When people in your community hold you in high regard, they will want to hire you or purchase products from you. They will also pay a premium to do business with you because of the high level of goodwill [...]

Spring & Fall home and yard clean up service idea for your lawn care business.

Anyone who has a house and a yard tends to collect a lot of junk they wish they could just get rid of each year. Sometimes though it’s such a pain in the butt to get rid of the stuff, that it just collects.
It’s a pain to haul it to the curb. Or the town [...]

Market and promote your lawn care business with a pumpkin painting day!

This October, why not have a pumpkin painting day in your neighborhood. You could either charge a couple of bucks to the parents per pumpkin, or even better would be to just do it for free as a way to build up good public relations in your area.
Create yard signs to promote this. Maybe ask [...]

How to get customers for your lawn care business - New Lawn Care Business Book

One of the top questions asked on the Gopher Forum is how to get new customers. Well I wanted to answer this question as best as possible and I put together two new books. If you are looking to gain more lawn care customers this Summer and who isn’t, check out my brand new books [...]

Leaving lawn care business cards on retail store counters and other ideas.

Gerald got this discussion started by sharing with us what he was planning on doing to promote his lawn care business and was interested in some more off the wall marketing ideas he could experiment with.
Gerald: “Hey I am just starting out and am looking at different ideas to help me advertise and market my [...]

Should you hand out flyers to homes with over grown lawns?

This is a great question that was posted on the Gopher Forum. It stands to reason if you see a home with an over grown lawn, they would be in need of a lawn care service. Let’s look more at this question and see what we find.
Gerald: “Hey guys I am new to the business [...]

An interest in photography can help you promote your lawn care business.

Our friend Brandon was on the forum sharing with us some of the photographs he has taken. He is a real enthusiast when it comes to taking pictures. As with almost any personal interest, it can be harness to gain you attention to help promote your lawn care business. This was my view on how [...]

Worst lawn in town marketing challenge.

I thought this was a creative marketing idea. A business who makes foot oder shoe inserts sponsored a stinky sneaker contest and it did a lot of media attention because it was different and unique.
It’s fascinating because it’s like a contest opposite to what the business stands for. The business is about making [...]

Take part in your local parades to promote your lawn care business.

Most communities have local parades. Why not do what Rich did and take your mower out and pull a small trailer of wagon to promote your lawn care business.
Rich posted these photos of his parade pictures on the Gopher Forum.
When I asked him about being in the parade he said:
“Being in the parade has help [...]

Help a veteran with your lawn care business and get media attention.

In honor of Armed Forces Day we asked our viewers to reach out to your community and see if there is a (military veteran or currently active) resident you can assist. Do something nice for them by helping out in their yard, take some pictures, and show us what you did. Out of the photos [...]

Using current events to grab attention for your lawn care business.

I saw an article the other day about Fort Collins, CO offering their residents a $50 rebate if they traded in their gas mower and purchased an electric powered mower instead. Then Clean Air Lawn Care jumped on this current event by offering a discount if you signed up for an annual lawn care contract [...]

A bad lawn care business marketing idea

When you are considering marketing ideas for your lawn care business, knowing what works is as equally as important as knowing what doesn’t work. Here is a great post from our lawn care business forum on a marketing concept that just didn’t work. You can join the post here and get involved. If you were [...]

Neighborhood spring yard sale marketing idea for your lawn care business.

Here is a marketing idea. Create a spring neighborhood yard sale. Have you house be the main area it starts from and ask other neighbors if they are interested in taking part.
You will be hosting the event and it will give you a great opportunity to meet new potential customers in your area.
You could then [...]

Is your Lawn Care Business running a Toy Drive this holiday season?

Have you considered running your own lawn care business toy drive?
Here is a flyer to promote your lawn care businesses toy drive for the holidays. Offering to run a toy drive really positions your business as one who cares about your community. It’s a great way to show your community that you care as well [...]

Holiday Decoration Marketing idea & contest

Let’s all get into the spirit of the holidays. I created this flyer you can edit and hand out in your area. The idea of this marketing concept is that you are going to position yourself as the go to lawn care business in your area. You are going to be the one that is [...]

Lawn Care Marketing Idea Adopt-A-Park

We are about to vote on new politicians around the country. One thing that is on everyone’s mind is how can taxes be lowered.

Well, this is something that could actually put you and your business in the spotlight. What if you offered to adopt-A-Park. You could contact your local council members and offer to maintain [...]

The Lawn Care Business Fund Raiser Card marketing idea

Ok how about this. You get cards printed for a local school to help them raise money for whatever. Then you get an agreement that you will be the only lawn care business to take part in this offer.
Then the student go out and sell the cards and you get all this great word of [...]

Marketing your lawn care business at a footrace?

Are you a runner or do you know someone who likes to run 5k races?
What if you hired them to do wear a green grass custom? Plenty of runners love to run in costumes, but how often do you see them promoting a business?

Then you could take pictures of the race and put it on [...]

BBQ to market your lawn care business?

What if you created a bbq trailer out of some 50 gallon barrels and made it available to your community for free?
How much could it possibly cost to put something like this together and then think to yourself how much good will would you create with it?
I think this is another idea that could make [...]

Marketing Idea: Your lawn care business goodwill tour map!

What if you had a page on your website where you had a map of your town. Then you had images on it you could click to see the good deeds you did in town. Maybe even have some video of the project you did. Tell the viewer who you helped and what you did. [...]