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Stump grinding and how to charge for the service.

Going from offering lawn care to tree pruning is a relatively small step to take and can be done by most lawn care professionals without too much hassle. But what about when you start getting into removal of tree stumps? What types of issues do you need to be aware of and be concerned about? [...]

How to estimate and market stump grinding.

I had a great opportunity to interview Eric who offers stump grinding services and sells used stump grinders about the business of stump grinding. You can read more about this topic on the post at The Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here.
Steve: “Can you share with us some of your insight on how a lawn [...]

Have you considered offering stump grinding services this fall to your lawn care customers?

This fall when you are looking for more services to offer, why not consider offering your lawn care customers, stump grinding services. Our friend Bob from put together this great flyer concept to help you sell your stump grinding services. Why not get some of these flyers printed up and then hand them out [...]

How to Bid a Tree Removal Job

There have been a bunch of questions lately on the Gopher Lawn Care Forum on how to bid the downing and removal of a tree. I hope some of these examples I post will help you get a better understanding of how to bid on a tree removal job.
Paul wrote in “I had a request [...]