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How to price a overgrown hedge trimming job.

Estimating hedge trimming jobs can be tough for those who are unfamiliar with the process. The amount of time it will take to perform the job, from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, is almost always under-estimated. The biggest element missed in most bids is the amount of time your clean up [...]

What services do you offer to stand out?

Mowing lawns seems to be a service most every new landscaper performs. Many times it’s the only service they perform. It’s easy to put on your blinders and think all you need to be successful is just more mowing customers, but what if you stopped for a moment and looked around you to see what [...]

How to deal with hedge pruning and customer expectations.

Normally, a new lawn care business can fairly quickly get the hang of bidding lawns because that is the most common of jobs they are called to bid on. But when it comes to bidding on a landscape project that involves a lot of smaller jobs, it can make the estimate more complicated to create. [...]

How to win an $11,000 apartment lawn care bid.

Have you had the chance yet to submit a lawn care bid for a local apartment complex? If you haven’t because the job seems like it is overwhelming, why not take a moment and break down the job into simple parts. Compare the smaller parts to the lawn care work you are currently providing for [...]

A small lawn clean up turned into a big profit job.

Small lawn care clean up jobs can grow and grow and grow at times. As we will see from this discussion in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, keeping your eye open for opportunities can really help your bottom line. Just make sure as these projects grow, you can handle the job, and your bid [...]

It’s just not worth lowering your quality standards.

Every day we are tempted with performing a substandard job for sub standard money. Lawn care customers love to play your price off of competitors in hopes of getting the cheapest job possible. Selling them on quality though and not price should be the path to take. As we will see in this discussion from [...]