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How networking with people landed me a $12,000 lawn care account.

Things can be tough when you first get your lawn care business started because you haven’t tapped into your social network yet. You may not even know at the time, the power of utilizing your social network to promote your business. As you become more aware of what your social network can do for your [...]

How to deal with seasonal out of state mulch suppliers and installers.

There are competitors in the lawn care business everywhere. From small start up companies to large corporate sized ones. But what would you do if you found yourself having to compete with an out of state competitor who was marketing to your lawn care customers and offering to do your job for a cheaper price [...]

Topsoil & Mulch Calculator For Android

Make more consistent profits on your topsoil and mulch jobs with this estimator.
Get perfect topsoil & mulch bid prices every time, regardless of the area size with this Topsoil & Mulch Estimator.
A big mistake many lawn care and landscaping business owners make is they may bid smaller jobs with a healthy profit, but as [...]

Mulch job bid example.

A new lawn care business owner shared with us his job description and bid price for a mulch job he was called to do. The price he shared with us, on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, differed quite a bit from other landscapers who shared with us what they would charge. I think it [...]

How to prepare for a new mulch bed.

When you are out in the field and a customer asks you to create a new mulch bed on a specific area of their property where grass now grows, what is the best way to prepare the area for the mulch bed? That is what one lawn care business owner was curious to know when [...]

Does your lawn care company have a signature service?

A very interesting question that came up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum was does your lawn care company have a signature service? Now you may take a moment and think to yourself, what does that mean? It’s a service your company provides that it excels at and does an outstanding job with. If [...]

Should you give lawn care bids over the phone?

People want immediate gratification and lawn care customers are no different. So when a lawn care customer sees your advertisement and calls you, should you give them a bid for lawn care service over the phone? That is the question asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and the answer may surprise you.

Half acre clean up, how much to charge?

A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum had a job come up that consisted of a bunch of smaller jobs and he wanted to know what he should charge. He wrote “I have a half acre field (flat) with branches and sticks strewn around it that I need to clean up. I [...]

A home owner’s association lawn care bid example.

It pays to keep your overhead as low as possible and keep your customers happy. Here is a great example of why from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. A lawn care business owner was looking to bid on a new client. This client was a home owner’s association who had previously hired a large [...]

How to install a new mulch bed.

Installing a new mulch bed sounds simple enough of a job until you are presented with such a job and have never done it before. Then you start to think about all the different ways you could go about doing it and then wonder to yourself, which way is best and will take the least [...]

How I found commercial lawn care property bids in my area.

Finding commercial lawn care bids is not as difficult as you may think. Most times it comes down to picking up the phone and finding who to talk to or simply visiting the establishment and asking a few questions. That is what a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum did when he found [...]

Create a vision and sell the vision.

For a lawn care customer, it can be very difficult to envision how their property can be transformed from a bland empty area into a well landscaped masterpiece. That is where you come in. You would be surprised on how many more landscape sales you could make if only you took a moment to see [...]

A $2,700 landscape project makeover.

I love to showcase some of the landscape projects, members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum share with us. They are great learning tools because you get a chance to see a before and after image along with the bid price and the amount of profit the job generated. From this you can compare [...]

A look at a $72,200 commercial lawn care contract.

Whether you are just looking to get into offering commercial lawn care or you are currently offering it and wanting to see what others are charging for their services, here is a great inside look at one condominium associations commercial lawn care contract. In this example discussed at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, a [...]

Front yard landscape mulch bid example.

Here is a great example of how much a front yard landscape project was estimated. If you are a newer lawn care business, this will help you figure out how much others are charging for such projects. Before you read what the landscaper’s final bill was, try and come up with a price in your [...]

Ideal mulch bed thickness.

This is a quickie but still very important article on mulch bed thickness. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum asked “I am doing a mulching job for an apartment complex. I was trying to decide how thick I should lay it. The landscape has no existing mulch. Should I lay it at [...]

Stick to your landscaping bid or pass?

When you are out and about giving new landscaping estimates to customers, when should you stick with your bid price and when should you pass the job on to someone else? This is a great topic and it was brought up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum by our friend Tom. He wrote “I [...]

Mulching or side discharge when mowing a lawn?

When you are mowing a customer’s lawn do you mulch the grass clippings or use your mower’s side discharge? That is a question asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and I found the results to be very interesting.
One of our members wrote “I have noticed a lot of local lawn care folks are [...]

How to charge for landscaping maintenance?

It’s important to find a niche when you run a business. Some business owners in the green industry focus on cutting lawns, some focus on hardscapes and some on pondscapes! But what if you want to focus on landscape maintenance only? How should you charge for such a service? That is a question put to [...]

Topsoil & Mulch Calculator.

Do you find it difficult when looking at a mulch bed to know how mulch mulch you will need to cover the area? Trying to figure out the math for it can be very difficult. Well stop worrying about buying too much mulch / topsoil or not enough and have to go back to the [...]

How much money can a solo lawn care business owner make?

A lot of times a new lawn care business owner will be working solo and wondering what kind of income can they potentially make? How many lawns can the average solo lawn care business owner service? To get some insight we asked our friend on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum to share with us [...]

How best to use a mower vac to clean up leaves and how to charge for it.

How best to use a mower vac to clean up leaves and how to charge for it. YOu can join in on this discussion at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here.
Jeremy wrote in “I’m planning on purchasing an ultra vac for my exmark zero turn lawn mower to do leaf cleanup, but I’m not [...]

How to price lawn care mulch jobs

Our Gopher lawn care forum discusses quite a few different issues and one of them is how to estimate lawn care jobs. In a recent post, Gerald asked
“Hey guys new to the business and have a few calls from people wanting a price on installing mulch. Not familiar with pricing mulch jobs any help is [...]