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Should you promote certain fertilizer products?

There are a lot of manufactures who make mowers, trimmers, and fertilizers. Does it make any sense at all to promote these brands on your website? Will these company’s brand name and good will positively effect your bottom line? In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from one entrepreneur who [...]

An organic lawn care post card review.

When ever we create our own lawn care marketing material, we tend to think it is a fantastic design that needs no altering. But before you get anything printed you really should ask others what they think of the design. In this organic lawn care postcard review, from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we [...]

Got the biggest landscape job yet all because I showed up.

You might think in order to win larger mowing accounts than you are used to, it would take some kind of skill only larger companies possess. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, sometimes that secret skill is simply being [...]

Organic lawn care services leads to big profits.

Experimenting with different services can really help you find one that you enjoy performing and provides you with the best return on your money. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum we get some insight into the workings of one entrepreneur who found success with focusing on offering organic lawn care applications. [...]

A leaf job that just grew.

Knowledge is power and as we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, the more you know, the better you can sell. In this example, one entrepreneur was able to take a basic leaf cleanup on one yard, and turn it into a 3 yard job worth $469 all completed [...]

Got fined by the county for spraying pesticides without a license.

Every year, the laws stating what you can and can’t spray on a customer’s lawn gets longer and more restrictive. Yet every year, there are still new lawn care business owners who get themselves started and think they don’t need any licensing because they are spraying chemicals on a small scale. Well here is a [...]

What to do about landscape equipment tire problems?

There are a lot of different things that can go wrong with your equipment during the work day. Getting a flat tire is one of them that can be real frustrating and time consuming to deal with. There are alternatives to the standard tubeless tire but are those alternatives worthwhile? That is what one landscaper [...]

Where’s the money in the lawn care industry?

Depending how many competitors you have in your area, making serious money in the lawn care business can be tough if you simply try to go out there and stand out on price. Sometimes a better way to go about things is to offer additional services that your competitors don’t. Such upsell services can really [...]

Lawn winterization marketing plan.

If you are looking for a lawn winterization marketing plan, here is a suggestion from a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. With a little altering, you might be able to make this plan fit perfectly for you.
He wrote “In an effort to re-design my business and for next year I have been [...]

Are you offering organic lawn care services?

There has been quite a bit of talk about offering organic lawn care services on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. From what everyone has been saying, the profit margin on offering the service makes it worth while. Another great point is that you don’t need any sort of chemical applicators license to do this [...]

Organic lawn care advertising sample.

There has been a lot of discussion on offering organic lawn care spraying services, on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and I wanted to share with you an advertisement one of our lawn care business owners used to promote this service.
The products he sprays on the lawns require no license and they work. Make [...]

Liquid organic lawn spraying = big profits.

Are you looking to add another revenue generator to your lawn care business? Do you find your area is highly competitive when it comes to offering lawn mowing services, well how about adding on organic lawn spraying. No license is required. Results will be visible quickly and you can add much needed profit to your [...]