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How to improve your landscape sales bid presentation.

Do you ever find yourself wishing you landed more lawn care or landscaping accounts? Do you find after putting a lot of energy into your landscaping bid that you get negative feedback from the potential lawn care customer? If you do, you are not alone. Putting together a well oiled landscape sales presentation machine takes [...]

Lawn regrading estimate example.

Have you ever been called to a new lawn care customer’s home to bid on a regrading job but didn’t know what to do or where to begin? Here is a great landscaping estimate example where a customer needed their front lawn regraded to allow rain water to flow smoothly away from the house and [...]

Should you be charging for your landscape design work?

Have you ever gotten the feeling as you were spending quite a bit of time and energy designing a landscape project, that the potential customer was only going to take your design and price shop it around to other landscapers in the area? What should you be doing to prevent this from happening? How can [...]

Lessons from my first year of running a lawn care business.

Do you find yourself wondering where all the lawn care customers are? How can you find them? Do you think there is one magic trick you are missing? Well, there is a method to attracting customers and it is fairly easy to follow. If you are interested in growing your lawn care business, consider these [...]

How I dread waiting for lawn care bid call backs.

You may be the greatest landscaper or lawn care business operator of all time, but if you can’t sell, then your business is going to be in trouble. But how can you improve your sales technique? By learning from those who are doing better than you. Here is a great lawn care sales technique discussion [...]

An irrigation checklist.

A great upsell to add to your lawn care service is checking the operation of a lawn care customer’s irrigation system. It’s fairly easy to do when you use an irrigation checklist. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, following certain procedures can ensure the customer’s irrigation system [...]

How a brush clearing job was bid.

There are many different niche services you can get into as the owner of a lawn care business. Some will make you more money than others. In order to be successful, you need to keep your eyes and ears open for jobs your customers need done. As we will see here in the discussion from [...]

As you grow you want to focus.

Trying to generate positive cash flow is very difficult for any new business early on. Offering many additional services can be a way to prime the pump and get all the gears of your business working. But there is a point that some believe you need to stop offering those additional services that are not [...]

Promoting a new landscape with a party.

How often have you created a new landscape project or hardscape project and thoughts to yourself, ‘if only the neighbors could see this place, they’d all want me to do this for them.’ This thought may come up especially as the scale of the project increases as well as the amount of profits.
There are plenty [...]

A $2,700 landscape project makeover.

I love to showcase some of the landscape projects, members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum share with us. They are great learning tools because you get a chance to see a before and after image along with the bid price and the amount of profit the job generated. From this you can compare [...]

Telling lawn care customers your hourly rate.

When you are bidding jobs for lawn care or landscaping projects, should you let your customer know how much you are charging them per hour or should this be something you keep to yourself and simply bid on the job as a whole? That is a question that was brought up on the Gopher Lawn [...]

Performing landscape projects in stages can help sell them.

In a discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we talked about how breaking landscape projects down into sections can really help you sell larger projects. If the customer knows that at anytime they can say ok this is enough. Or if they feel their budget is shrinking to pay for the landscape project, [...]

How to charge for landscaping maintenance?

It’s important to find a niche when you run a business. Some business owners in the green industry focus on cutting lawns, some focus on hardscapes and some on pondscapes! But what if you want to focus on landscape maintenance only? How should you charge for such a service? That is a question put to [...]

How to bid a hardscape job.

Hopefully this will put some insight on the HOW TO BID HARDSCAPE JOBS. Starting with basic patio’s so you don’t lose your butt. A big job can cause a lot of heart ache and stress for a small company, not only mentally but become financially devastating. More small companies go broke by not bidding the [...]

Lawn of the Month marketing campaign.

Here is a lawn care marketing idea that could use to attract new business with little investment.
What if you created a lawn of the month contest. Create a yard sign that says lawn of the month and each month pick a different lawn you service to become the lawn of the month. Stick the yard [...]

Sample landscape job estimate.

Here is a landscape job estimate, from our friend Matt. Let us know what you think of the bid. Would you charge more or less? Join this post at the Gopher Lawn Care Forum here.
Matt wrote: “I have a flower bed(2 big flower beds)(the pic above)1 flower bed on each side of the sidewalk. I [...]