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Here is my lawn care operation daily checklist.

Does your lawn care business have a checklist of things to do to your mowing equipment at the end of each day? Keeping processes structured and consistent will help you improve your operation. Maintaining your equipment will minimize down time and help you increase profits. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, [...]

Using a line trimmer 101. Do you know the basics?

Most everyone has used a line trimmer before. That includes anyone you may be looking to hire to help you during your day. But most don’t know the basics on how to use a line trimmer properly in order to get a top notch result. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, [...]

Got my first commercial grounds clean up job.

The biggest reason why it is so difficult to get lawn care customers early on is because no one knows you are offering the service. As your network begins to expand, the amount of people coming to you for help with their property will expand as well. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care [...]

What’s better, 4 cycle or 2 cycle line trimmers?

With the different variations of line trimmers available on the market, what type is best for you? Should you go with a cheaper model or a more expensive one? Did you know that the cheaper models tend to be much more difficult to service as they are designed to be used until they break down [...]

Should I start a lawn mower shop as a second venture?

It can be really frustrating taking a broken lawn mower to your local mower repair shop, only to have them not get it fixed for weeks because they are swamped with work. Such situations might actually get you to think about starting your own lawn mower repair shop. But should you do it? In this [...]

A lawn edger education.

Using a lawn mower is the first tool that a new lawn care business owner learns about. Next is using a line trimmer to keep the areas you can’t mow, trimmed back. Other tools like hedge trimmers and pole saws then come into play. Lastly it seems the lawn edger is the least used tool [...]

Lawn mowing equipment tips when getting started.

What the best way to go about your lawn care equipment purchases when you are just starting out? Should you go big and get all commercial equipment or should you stay conservative and either use what you already own or buy some consumer grade equipment? That is what one entrepreneur was looking for advice in [...]

Lessons learned after landscape trailer was stolen.

What would happen to your business if your landscape trailer and equipment were stolen today or tonight? Would you be able to recover fast enough that you wouldn’t lose any customers? Would you be able to recover at all? If not, why not? You need a plan to take effect if this were to happen [...]

What health issues should a lawn care business owner be concerned with?

Any industry has the potential to cause you medical problems if you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. Repetitive stress issues can occur using most equipment, from heavy mowers, to computer keyboards. Inhaling fumes from gas as well as sprayed fertilizer can also cause health problems, so be aware and stay [...]

How long will a consumer grade mower last doing commercial mowing?

Starting out with a minimal budget leads many a business owner to consider saving a few bucks by purchasing consumer grade lawn care equipment. Sure it can cost a lot less, but what is the downside to it? That is what one entrepreneur was curious to know when he asked on the Gopher Lawn Care [...]

Knucklehead mistakes made by one lawn care business owner.

You can learn a lot of lessons from trial and error. But there are many lessons you would rather know about beforehand so you don’t have to go out and experience them. Here is a great collection of some of those mistakes from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Taking note of these mistakes and [...]

What size line trimmer should you get?

There are many different sized line trimmers manufactured these days that designed to perform different sized jobs. But which size is the right choice for the average lawn care business owner? Should you go with a 22cc engine or a 32cc? What about a 4 stroke versus a 2 stroke? Some are heavy while others [...]

How much is that line trimmer costing you to operate per hour?

It can be a very difficult task trying to figure out what your actual operating costs are per hour. So many variables are involved with this process. With such complexities, it is no wonder that many new business owners fail to ever find a consistent price they need to charge per hour to cover all [...]

Buying old versus new lawn care equipment.

Buying new lawn care equipment can save you with repair headaches. They are less prone to breaking down and you usually have a dealer warranty that covers repair issues that pop up. The down side though is the price. If you are trying to save some money, you could consider doing what these other business [...]

Where’s the money in the lawn care industry?

Depending how many competitors you have in your area, making serious money in the lawn care business can be tough if you simply try to go out there and stand out on price. Sometimes a better way to go about things is to offer additional services that your competitors don’t. Such upsell services can really [...]

Marketing total property cleanups and junk removal.

How many times have you driven by a property that was severely overgrown and didn’t even consider offering your lawn care services to the home owner, only because you thought it would take too much time and the owner would never pay you for it? Well if you have, you may want to reconsider after [...]

What kind of line trimmer should I purchase?

Line trimmers come in many sizes and shapes but which type is right for you and your lawn care business? That is what one entrepreneur wanted to know when he wrote on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum about starting up his landscaping business and his need to get the right equipment. We got a [...]

How to keep your lawn mower carburetors clean.

Professional lawn care business owners really need to be on top of their equipment preventative maintenance. The more they stick to a schedule of checking and replacing parts as needed, the less down time they will have and the more money the will make because of a lack of break downs. Now you may change [...]

5 simple tips to improve your lawn care business this year.

For every ten lawn care businesses that fail, a few will succeed. Those few successful lawn care business will have persevered and pushed through rough spots other lawn care businesses might not have had the strength, know how, or funding to get past. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear [...]

Before you say yes to that lawn care job, think for a moment.

There is never a time in your life when you are more hungry for work and are so willing to say yes to a property care job than when you first get your lawn care business started. You have so much energy then. So much enthusiasm and are so eager to please that you may [...]

How a brush clearing job was bid.

There are many different niche services you can get into as the owner of a lawn care business. Some will make you more money than others. In order to be successful, you need to keep your eyes and ears open for jobs your customers need done. As we will see here in the discussion from [...]

How to protect your lawn care business from being wiped out!

You may be surprised on how fast you can go from being a lawn care business owner to being the owner of nothing but a business name and concept. A theft can take place in the blink of an eye and leave you left with no equipment. Here are some stories from the Gopher Lawn [...]

Should you use a line trimmer to edge a lawn?

There are many time saving secrets professional lawn mowing crews use to get a property completed in as short of time as possible, but are there any downsides to doing it? With more speed, you may think quality would suffer. But maybe quality doesn’t suffer bad enough to necessitate the purchase of an edger and [...]

A lawn care equipment dealer’s recommendations.

Everyone has their own view of what kind of lawn care equipment you should get when you are new to the lawn care industry. Some will want to buy cheap equipment, others will spend their entire savings. But what would a lawn care equipment dealer recommend? Surely they have seen many new lawn care business [...]

A great way to find low cost lawn care equipment.

Are you just getting your lawn care business started and looking for ways to get some lawn care equipment to get you started? If you want to find some great stuff that is cheap and nearby, consider doing what this lawn care business owner did. He shared a great tip on how to do this [...]

Pro tips to minimize time spent edging lawns.

When you take a moment to reflect on where you spend your time while servicing a lawn care customers you may find there are a lot of extra steps you are adding that are not necessary. If you find a way to optimize the time spent at each location the net result will be more [...]

Should I buy a used mower on craigslist?

Getting your lawn care business started can mean scrambling around trying to find a bunch of basic equipment and spending a lot of cash. Some entrepreneurs are able to do this while others need to work within a very tight budget. If this is your situation, have you considered buying your mowers from craigslist? One [...]

Should you remove your line trimmer’s protective guard?

Have you ever thought about removing the guard on your line trimmer? Do you find it gets in the way and limits the amount of grass you can trim at a time? This was the topic brought up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and it really got a lot of members talking.
One lawn [...]

Your first commercial lawn mower.

Getting your first commercial lawn mower can be pretty challenging. There are so many options out there with so many models and sizes. What is best for you? Should you go with the biggest you can buy? Should you get a tractor, a ztr, a walk behind? That’s what one of the members of the [...]

Warning: read this before you buy a used mower.

Buying used outdoor power equipment can be a great way to save money but it can also open a can of worms and end up costing if repairs are needed. How do you know if a used lawn mower is going to be a good deal? That’s what one of our forum member’s asked when [...]