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I got my first lawn mowing job, now what?

There is this desire early in your business path to try and offer as many services as you can to experiment with and see what catches. The down side to this is different services require different skill sets and different equipment. Try taking on some jobs that you don’t know how to perform with the [...]

Before you say yes to that lawn care job, think for a moment.

There is never a time in your life when you are more hungry for work and are so willing to say yes to a property care job than when you first get your lawn care business started. You have so much energy then. So much enthusiasm and are so eager to please that you may [...]

How a freebies or discounts can turn into a nightmare.

There is an old say that goes ‘no good deed shall go unpunished.’ In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we see how one lawn care business, who tried to offer a kind gesture, wound up regretting it later. This should make you pause and think about the interactions you have with [...]