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Review of Podcast with Lawn Care Business author Ken LaVoie

I had a great podcast last Thursday night with lawn care business author Ken LaVoie . Check out his site at The podcast lasted about an hour and we covered a lot of interesting topics. We also had many of our Gopher Lawn Care Forum friends call in and ask Ken questions as well. [...]

Podcast Thursday 4/10 - 8pm est with author Ken LaVoie

I got a great podcast lined up this Thursday 4/10 at 8pm est with author Ken LaVoie. Check out his site at
He wrote the book “How to start a lawn care business a whole new way.”
Some of the topics I want to cover with him:
Talking about his experiences of getting started and what happened [...]

When to take on your first lawn care employee?

Thanks to Clifford from Sideline Property Management for asking the following question:
Question: At what point did you decide to take on your first employee? Was it determined by revenue, time constraint or did you set a specific profit amount that would determine time to add help?
Answer: Good question Clifford, the decision to take on [...]